Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hard Gay funny video.

This guy is great. He is called Hard Gay. and it reminds me of a comic last time, called "Bian tai chao ren" I wonder who have heard of it.

This comic is a very nice one, about how a guy become a superhero. At that time, I actually thought that this kinda people only exist in comic books, but this guy razor ramone actually brought it out of the comic book, and created a lot of funny stuff. But by the look of the videol. it seems this is looks very welcome and and icon to the japan.


Blogger Amanda Val Ng said...

Wah, the father very On siA, dont rem seeing this part when u first showed me the video.

Like I say before, its really dumb, but well wat to do, sex sells in the world these days.

Pity the generation.

*thanks for showing the video though*

11:48 AM  

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