Monday, December 15, 2008

Urgent Project

Sometime, I really cannot take it of what people do things. We are commencing a new project, called "Brighter than the sun".

With limited resources, a lot of stuff are ordered at the eleventh hours, and there is absolutely no manpower to do it, yet, they squeezing it out. Isn't there a proper planning?

And to come to the diao stuff, to complete in three days. Hmm... and even at the installation point, a lot of doubts are casted, and really do not know what is it that they want.

So many job pendings, and yet, we are doing something that is getting so rush, that the pending jobs went undone.

Why is it that people do not even bother to think of hiding the wires? We are actually split into some groups, and as usual, as a perfectionist, I emphasize on appearance,and the most important of all, to hide the wire, that no one can see how the powerline goes. And as I do not wish to drag it too long, I was telling one guy that no matter what, I want that light to light up. And he actually was struggling to locate the wire. Hmm... with a powerpoint 3 meters away, why not establish a temporary supply to light it up as a mock up? We can even switch it off if there is some modification need.

After the other team is done, I went to take a look......Cable tie is tied to the structure, wires are running all over the place, lights are staggered in very weird orientation......Pity, we cannot post a photo of the project, but we are only 25% there.

If only I have black tape, I can really make those wires goes disappear......

I hate last minute work.
Hate it hate it hate it.


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