Sunday, November 30, 2008

19th November 2008, Wednesday

Third day in Melbourne. It is quite nice morning, cos it is a cooling morning today, again.

Well, It sure is great to sleep. Oversleep today, again.

Donut King~, second outlet

Oh, when I woke up, I found that the strawberries have changed colours. Oh No~! is the strawberries turning bad? Time to consider to finish up all the strawberries.
Went to Chinatown in the other direction, found that there is a shop calls “Chatterbox” cuisine. It have chicken rice as well, but dunno is it nice or not. Passes by the Donut King~. Another outlet, I guess. Hmm…. Think it must be a famous donut in Mebourne.

As I was walking, I passes by a Vietnam restaurant. Thinking that I have never tried before, I step in, to order chicken with liver noodle, and the rice ball. Hmm… looks like I cannot get a Vietnam wife. The food is not my type. :P
Walk and walk, ended up in Melbourne Train Station again. Got lost again, but later, I ended up in Victoria Market today. Hmm… It is very huge market, but it is not opened today. Think it only opens on certain days.

Melbourne Museum

The next place, is the National museum. Hmm… it is a very long journey, but I did made it there, and it is very very huge it is a combination of Discovery center, Museum, and Imax. The discovery center houses a lot of stone specimen, Insects, minerals. And it is quite educational. I found one thing called Australia Wood duck. Heehee. It is a very very common sight in Adelaide.

The next place to go, is the Museum. It ia very huge, because have a lot of exhibition, and there is even exhibition, that is like the body world. Specimens of human bodies, that were once alive.
Melbourne Imax

Museum closes early, and get the free circle tram, and it travels around the Melbourne city twice. And then I drop off in Imax, and catch the movie called Dark Knight. It is although a very old movie now, but watching it on Imax, with the 8 storey high screen, it truly is a breath taking experience.

After the Imax, I found out that it is raining heavily. And the rain is so beautiful, because the cloud is covering some of the tall building. And it is really really cold, that I have to use the scarf, and the glove.

Took the tram back to Russell street, and walk to the china town. As I was walking to look for shop to eat, found out there is this Korean shop, that I saw in the day time, closed. And not much fo the restaurant is open. Got the lamb chop from another shop, and found that this shop have more food than the one I went to on the first day dinner.



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