Tuesday, November 25, 2008

13th November 2008, Thursday

National Motor Museum

When I woke up, I saw this nice brochure that introduce National Motor museum. Hmm… It looks interesting but it is very far far away, in the hill side. Hmm….. Nevertheless, I was thinking of how the motor museum would look like.

It is a very lovely Sunny day today, and when I reached there, I saw this stone house. Wow, it is a stone house wo. So rare to see it one. Cos stone house are usually hard to make one. There is also a tall tall chimney. And the best part is, the stone house is just beside the National Motor Museum. When I went in, I was totally lost, because there are so many many cars. And I mean old cars. Well, it is a museum. There are cars since the age of henry Ford too. Henry Ford, is the man who made the very first car in the world. Then, gasoline engine come, and cars starts to be more advance to the day today.

If not for henry Ford, maybe we still be in the horse carriage age. ‘
I saw this car, which is the one made into the car that goes back to the future, as in the show Back to the future. Wow, It is a totally steel casing, and it must be very heavy. But I dun seems to see that on the road nowadays.

Then Say another car, that looks like the one that Get Smart uses one. Or is it the ghost machine called Christine……

In here, there re a lot of cars, build from the 50s, 60s, and some other age that I did not have enough time to take a good look at it.

There are some solar cars too. Then after the cars, it is the motor cycles, wow, and there are really a lot of Harley Davidson bike, and one bike that is very very old, because they found it in a war zone or something, and put a notice that no cleaning is required on the display, because they want the motor bike to slowly corrode.

Toy Toy Factory

After the National Motor Museum, Went to this place called Toy Factory. Maybe people would think that toy factory is a place full of toys. But one thing to note……IT IS~!
Inside the toy factory, are a lot of wood toy. They even have the own manufacturing machine inside. The toy factory outside is a big wooden house, noted to be the world’s biggest wooden horse, made of wood and steel.

For $2, you can get the ticket of proof, and climb up the horse. It is very beautiful wo. All the greenery, and when I reached down, I noticed this crossroad board, that have the name of all the states of Australia, and how far are they from the toy factory. Hmm…. Darwin, 2608KM from the Toy factory, and the Melbourne is only 650 KM from the toy factory. Wow.

After that, it is lunch. Got this Chicken Cutlet. The very first chicken cutlet wo. Hmm…. All because there is no lamb chops there. So have to gobble up the chicken cutlet instead. Eeee…. After that, found it is not filling, I get one hamburger. And I thought it is a small one like Singapore macdonald, and it turns up to be one gigantic chicken burger. Wow~! Eat till full.

I really like Australia, the food all in big portion one. And it is nice.
Just outside, there is a place where there is a small farm. And inside the farm, there are kangaroo. Wow, and also, there is a sheep sheep. Maaaaa…

Then passed by a cute little wooden house. Woohoo. Went in to take a cute little photo, cos it is hard to find a wooden house. Wonder how did the people there condition the house to so good. Or is it just constructed? Hmm….

I have a tiring day, and when I reached the MAwson Lake, it is really beautiful sunset. Wow. The sky is actually red in color, and I was wondering what made it red. Hmm…..


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