Sunday, November 23, 2008

5th November 2008, Wednesday

As I was walking today, it is still so cold de lor. And I find this funny. Ha ha, a dead chicken, hanging in front of a car. Is it because of the love to eat chicken so much, he tied a dead chicken in front of the car? Anyway, it is not a real chicken. It was a rubber chicken.

Went to this café called Café primo to eat the dinner. Yup, it is very good, I remember seeing it in North Adelaide. Maybe because of the food, it is quite famous. It also have a large selection of wine and cocktail.

Got the roast of the day, which is the Lamb. Yup. With only $9.80, Gets the lamb, Potato, carrot,peas. And it is very huge portion one. It is like the portion for the big sized Australian. Anyway, I gobbled them up, cos it is simply delicious and I have a very big appetite. And as I was thinking of what to eat for dessert, they offers a free pan cake as well, for ordering the roast of the day. Wow~! Eat really full today.


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