Thursday, November 13, 2008

3rd November 2008, Monday


Yup, I made up my mind. Since I am in australia, I have decided not to eat any rice and home cooked food. This is because I guess since I am in Australia, I might as well, eat the local food here. It seems that fish and chips are very popular here. yup. but the only think is that the fish and chips, it have a way lotta chips. Ahoy~!

Did nothing much, cos it is really very chilling in the morning. And this is the same in the afternoon. Feels really sleepy de lor, but I decided not to waste time in sleeping.

As I was looking at the railway maps, I was wondering how it looks like on the outer suburb, and how every place looks like.

I went with Mr Xiao Lao Shu to Gawler Central Railway station. It is the most north of the Adelaide city, and so, the journey begins.

It is quite a tiring journey, but the fare is quite cheap cos it is a $4.20 for the entire 2 hour ride. Waiting for the next train is really long de lor. so I sit on the train all the way, else to catch the next train will be terrific de.

Along the way, some stations are actually skipped, probably becasue they have found that some stations are really not that populated, so it makes really no sense stopping by that station at specific time. and this, the train can travel faster.

In the suburb, it have those houses that are for those who works in the city. and then, the train went to the outer suburb, which is really really low populated. It seems very quiet place one in the outer suburb, but there are schools there. so hmm... maybe the parents here dropped their children to the grandparents and then goes to work and stay in the city, and visit home in the weekend.

As the train passes by, there is a plain, so huge, seems like growing wheats. I met an australia, who migrated from malaysia to here. she was saying it is a great place to live in, because it is quite a slow pace. it is in fact, like living in England. and she tells me how australia came about, and how come there is actually an England flag on the australis flag.

How I wish I could stay here wo. but still, there could have a lotta other place to go to. hmm..... Should start planning for my retirement now??


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