Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little white box original function

I was looking through at some of the photos, when I finally found the photos about the little white box’s original function.

It is actually used last time to house a transformer, but then, it is later no longer in use. So I picked it up, and modify it into a control box, that controls the devices that is around my table.

At home, it is later re-design the circuit to control parts of the PC system. It is protected by the circuit breaker, so that if it is overload, the circuit breaker will cut off the power before it hits the fuses.

This is about the functions of the original design for the little white box in my office.
First Row Function

The first row, it is a master over ride control. It over rides the sensor, by cutting off the power in the citcuit instead of waiting for the sensor timer to cut off. The green button is to power up the circuit without the need to wait for the sensor to power on.

The function is to cut on and off the main control circuit by listen to the retro reflective sensor that is on top of the table. When it sense the human presence after 5 seconds, it would power up the air cleaner, standby the power for spotlight, aircon, and lighting.

Once the user is not detected for a period of 30 minutes, it automatically cut off the supply for the air cleaner, spotlight, and change the aircon speed from high to low, if it is activated.

The light is to indicate that the timer control have cut in. it indicates whether if the drawer that I uses is locked or unlock. If it is green, it means it is unlocked. And if it is red, it means it is locked.

Second Row Function

Second row control is to control the spot light. This is used to dry up any wet equipment, so that the rust corrosion is not active. It also is a spotlight, to do very delicate troubleshooting.

Third Row Function

Third row is the ceiling light over ride control. When it is on, it will switch off the ceiling light that is on top of my head, so that it can save some electricity.

Fourth row function

Fourth row is the changeover of the aircon. A booster is installed on the aircon, and if I returned hot, I can switch this on, and over ride the aircon, by changing from low speed to high speed. And after the control ircuit is cut off, it will automatically change from high speed back to low speed. It can also be controlled manually by pushing the button.

It took three days, to modify the circuit and integrate into the whole thing. But it really is disappointed, because people accuse this little control box of short circuit the office supply. I have taken it out and rechecked 5 times and find no trouble, but nevertheless, I took it down, so as to stop people’s accusation. Anyway, after taking down, no one can blame me anymore. Yup. I believe it is human nature that people tells you to take something down, instead of encouraging you to improve on it, or troubleshooting on it. But it is really greater gain, by using it at home, so always look to stumbling stone as a stepping stone.

At home, it is using fairly well, because it relieves me of having the trouble to decides which switches is required to switch on and off. And the use of the push button is quite fun too.


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