Monday, October 13, 2008


Burnt by diesel

Last Saturday, I think the reaction of the diesel that I have been carrying started reacting with my skin wo. Can say so that the diesel practically burns my hand and leg. Duh. Saturday is really very pain, that I couldn’t walk. Today gotta take MC and rest.

Can you imagine how hard it is to sleep at night, with the burning sensation? Haih, now my hands are all red like bloody hand. And real bloody de lor.
Anyway, It is recovering soon, guess the diesel have run out of fuel to burn. Looks like cannot be a Rig man or Oil man anymore.

Aussie Dollars

Sometime, TV news and newspaper can be a troublesome stuff at time. You see, last week, I have noted that the aussie dollars have dropped from $1.26 to $0.97. Then, the stupid news report about it, and alas, the aussie dollars are snapped up, and some of the money changer raise their rate, and is going up a bit, just like this Indian shop I see. It was selling at 0.97 last week, before the news, and after the news broke out, it raise to 1.09. This is like playing the game Be a Tycoon. Haha, buy more when the rate is low, and then sell when the rate is high.

Currently, the US dollar rate is also considered low now, at 1.42. This is because, it is undergoing the president selection rate. After that, I am sure, the rate will raise back to 1.5 to 1.6.


I love steamboat, especially when it is those boiled in water type. Not so keen into the BBQ style. This is because BBQ style often ended up in char, or else it is filled in oil, like frying instead of BBQ. Those normal steamboat is quite nice. Still can remember the time when I went with my cousin to this stall in the bugis, and it is real nice. When can I go again wo? When when? Eating food in steamboat is nice, and in the end of it, remember to eat some veggie, else, the whole night there will be this meaty feeling often a sign of indigestion.


If this is something green like, it would be spinach. Yum yum. There are two type of spinach. Round spinach, and just spinach. Spinach in Chinese is called puay leng. Dunno why they name it this way, but I love spinach because it is soft, and juicy. The only problem is, not many supermarket sells spinach. They either sells round spinach or chye sim. Is it because spinach spoils faster?


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