Saturday, September 20, 2008

A new addition in the net: Facebook

Addicted to facebook?

As I was using the facebook today, I couldn’t stop wondering. Am I addicted to it now?

Everytime the PC startup, it will be the facebook flash up, as what was setted automatically. Then, the next thing, is to check the price of the Be A Tycoon. Hmm…. I guess it seems to be very addictive enough. One of these days, I must set myself a timing for internet, else I would be so obsess and not eat but use the facebook.

Be A Tycoon

I am now into the Be A tycoon, Slot Bandit, Elven Blood, Blood lust, Skies of Blood, City of Blood. Among the application in it, I find the Be A Tycoon is more exciting, because similiarly to Drug Lord, Be A tycoon have more range of products, following the market trend and the price goes up and down. You have to buy when it is at a low price, and then sell when the demand is short, and price goes up. And unlike Drug lord, Be A Tycoon is never reset. The amount of money in the empire will forever be there for you to use.

Occasionally, the person who made the Be A Tycoon, will add a few more item for you to buy and sell with.

World of Blood

World of Blood, refers to all Elven Blood, Blood Lust, Skies of Blood and City of Blood. World of Blood are a kind of story line application, where you have to accomplish certain stuff, before you can move on to the next stage of the application. And to add to it, you have to reach a certain level, and certain number of people in your group before you can proceed. This is quite irritating sometime, because when the application will wants you to invite more people into the application, so you can be in the advance of the story line. I am thinking of playing until the stage where they require more people, then I stop it there.


This is the ongoing game, because it really test the judgement of people in hitting the ball, so much cheaper than plaing a live, but the thrill may not be there. Hmm… anyway, this is for us to practice, and one good thing is that, people can play it while the other is offline, and when they log in, they can continue the game.

So if you are into pool game, look me up wo


This is a racing game that have existed since I don’t know when. Tamiya, is a type of miniature care, usually made of metal and plastic, And they are use to play on a track, that have lots of turns, hump, and the person who made it, will see it that the speed is improved, and wins other cards.

I have played that before, when I was primary 5, and it is really exciting, but the sight of a good track is not around at that time, and a simple oval shaped track can cost up to $300++ at that time. Some of the shop will put a track in front of the shop, and allows people to play in it. Occasionally, the kids who plays that, gets rebellious, and sometime, will book the track, and put only his car in it.


Tamiya does not uses the commercial battery for power, because they are a slow discharge. Normal batteries are usually 1.5VDC, but tamiya cars are mostly powered by batteries, and the higher ampere discharge by the batteries are, the higher the speed of the car. High power Alkaline batteries are normally discharge at 1.75VDC, and as it is a use and throw battery, some would invest in Nickel Cadmium batteries which are rechargeable, and can fire up a very high ampere, but it only last for a short period of time, and will goes flat very fast, and the owner will have to charge again, which sometime take hours to recharge it back. Hence, tamiya players keeps a lot of nickel cadmium for use with their tamiya car.

However, after playing with the nickel cadmium battery, don't forget to bring it back to the battery recycling center, mostl is fromt he place you bought it, so that it can be properly disposed of. This is because Cadmium is a very dangerous toxic that can seep its way to the underground water, and pollute it. fishes will be poisoned by the cadmium, and it have the ability to alter your body DNA and causes cancer one. So remember wo.


The main driver of the tamiya, is the motor. Normal motors, the motor shaft is supported by plastic. A real high quality motor rotor are mounted on small motor bearing, so that when the motor heats up, it will not melt the plastic. Usually, Tamiya will be let off for 3 to 5 rounds, before it is stopped and let it rest, this is because when ramped up by the battery, the motor will be heat up, because of the current circulating in the motor windings, which can be finer than the hair. As the cross sectional area of the windings are small, and like a small pipe with high pressure water pressing in, it will burst if the heat is not control. Similiarly, when the motor windings if it is let uncontrolled, it can be heated up, but it will not go up in smoke. Instead, the winding will melt off, and break the circuit. Thus, the motor will be useless, and requires to change another one. Only experienced people will know how many rounds can the tamiya car goes with the particular motor.

Roller Guide

Roller guide are a essential guiding tool for tamiya cars. They are used to guide the car along the circuit, to ensure that they will not fall off the track, and turns nicely, instead of flying out of the track when it hits the corner.

Roller guide are also a balancing tool for the tamiya car. Amount of roller guide added on the front, back, left and right must ensure that the center of gravity, which is invisible to everyone, that it is aligned back to the center. Center of gravity are usually requires to be in the middle of the car, because as the roller guides of different weigh is added on the car, too many at the back will make the car lifted up front when it hits the corner, and the car will roll backward.

Too much weigh at the front, and the car will roll forward when it hit the corner. In the event where there is a ramp, the rollerguide is also critical, in assisting the car to get back to the track at the exact track, and continues. A wrong balanced car will see the car fall over and run away.

Balancing weight

Weights are additional tool for the tamiya car, because it assist the car to counter the air turbulence. As the car is travelling at very high speed, balancing weigh are added at the front or sometime back, depending on the amount of roller guide used. Weights are small metal piece sometime sloted, sometime screwed, to ensure that the car center gravity remains center, even when it came across air turbulence. Under high speed, if the foil of the car is not correctly bent, cars will be lifted up, and pushes the center gravity to the back of the car. This, when it reaches the bend, it will fly backward and out of the track. In the ramp, this is yet an advantage, because it will bring the car out of the ramp and enter the track back with the back wheels which is like an aeroplan touching down.

If the balancing weight is added too much on the front, which is to counter the turbulence, it can cause a problem when the circuit have a ramp and hump. When it starts up, the center gravity will be slowly shift from the back to the center. And when it goes a turn, it may sometime throw the car forward and out of the track, and when it is flying out of the ramp, the center gravity will instantly be shifted to the front, pulling the car front down to the track, and turn the car forward and roll out of the track.

Balancing weights are used seldomly, because the more weigh is added, it will cause the car to slow down. Thus, most people uses the roller guide as a balancing tool.

Car Frame

Frames are used selectively. Some people choses not to put up the frame, because it is adding some weighs to the car. But frame are a good tool as a balancing also, but it is harder to control. It has louvers to control the air turbulence, and control the cars. However, according to one documentary, frames actually made the car more uncontrollable, because air directions are inconsistent, and it changes every moment. Thus, a lot people prefer not to use casing. Which is the reason I did not use casing too last time.

Anwyay, if you see a tamiya car track, you sure find the people around selling the tamiya car parts.

Nightmare for contractors

This is a nightmare I am very sure, to every building technicians and contractors. Can you imagine how difficult it is to check the cooling coil and filters with that so small little gap?

Usually, the space between the fan coil units are a big space apart, so that the head can go in and check on the cooling coil condition, motor and change the filter.
Even when doing the coil washing in the event of serious contamination, the space will also pose a problem, because the chemical are usually toxic, and there is no other way to wash unless the whole fan coil unit is take down. I just sometime don’t understand why people don’t want to use the Air handling unit these days to supply cold air these days.


These period, is perhaps the great harvest of a fish call unagi. wow, seen a lot of then selling at supermarket. even the Fairprice is selling then at 3 for $8.65. hope there is no bones in it.

Unagi are best cooked as kaba yaki. it is you roast it, and pply some source on it. yum yum. I love unagi kaba yaki. which means roast unagi. I would enjoy it most when there is no bones. cos sometime really tiring digging for the bone while eating fish


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