Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wireless Network down.

Yup, this is final, the wireless is gone, gone for good, even before I get to have a time to go out to source for a new modem.

What to do, the wireless is down, but not the router?
Not a problem, luckily, another stuff is standing by. it is the LAN network.
I gotta take a bit of time out to cut some cable tie, and then take out the LAN cable that connects the router to the desktop PC. Then using that same LAN cable, I connect it to my laptop.

Woohoo, it works, without the use of the wireless. Maybe until the solution is arrived, I will stick to the use of the LAN cable.

Sometime I really wonder is the wireless really necessary de, this is because the laptop is usually in the room, never move about.

If not using wireless, I might as well get a modem with ADSL and access point.


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