Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Strange encounter in Cold Storage.

This is a very strange experience yesterday in Cold Storage.

I was purchasing lunch in Cold storage yesterday, and then I uses credit card to do the payment. After that, I was waiting for a long time, because it seems the credit card machine is out of service or something.
The cashier was mendling with the machine for a while, and I was distorted of why he did not ask for help from another counter staff who is finishing doing the transaction of the counter.

After the transaction has ended, the guy copied my credit card number onto a book, and keep in the drawer. It is an exercise book, like those you can buy from the bookshop.
Feeling insecured, I confronted him of why he copied my credit card number onto the bok. This is because it is not a normal practice. There is no void transaction slip like last time. Even before, when there is a failed transaction, the cashier would returned the transaction slip.

Anyway, I am not a stingy person, but I am very particular about these things. This is because if someone got hold of the credit card number, you never know what would he do in the internet.

After reached office, I immediately emailed to the cold storage, hopig to get a reply or something. And also to get a very formal confirmation that this is a normal practice. Nowadays, everything have to be in black and white.

OIne last word: The Lecturer is very unprepared. For those who studied with me, you know what I mean.


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