Monday, September 01, 2008

Kallang Leisure Park

Today, I went to this Kallang Leisure Park today. Well, the transport is really very low, cos only got buss 11 and 16 go there.

I was at kallang MRT, and found out that there is a bus going there. and to my dismay, when I reached the bus stop, one bus just whizz past me.

I tried to grab a cab, and 6 cabs passes by, and the moment I told them I wants to go to the Kallang Leisure, they REFUSES to bring me there. How is it that these taxi drivers dun wanna bring me there?

Even after 20 minutes, I am still waiting for the cab. but by then, another bus came, and I changed my mind to take the bus. I really have no idea why the taxi drivers nowadays chooses the passenger one.

When I reached there, the first thing to go straight for, is the bowling center. Been some ages sinc eI went for bowling. and this time, I brought two balls, because one ball is my colleague give me one.

After a few round, I tested the new ball and found out that the new ball fingers positions are not correct. so have to send the ball for redo. As for the rest of the game, I uses my old ball, and was testing the performance based on different style.

See this pictures? this is the ending performance scores based on differnet style. Never mind the names, but
The first row is the 5 step spin ball
The second row is the 5 step straight ball
the third set is 3 step spin ball.

It appears that the 3 step spin ball style is a better style for me, maybe I improve on it.

If I can get the step correct, maybe I can get a good score one day.

After bowling, is a round of skating, and then follow by bowling again, so shiok, but in the end, bowling the final round, I am tired already.

Ice skating......I have not skate for 4 years, ever since the day one friend teaches me. I still wonder how to skate as good as my friend. althoguh it have been 4 years, but skating today really brings back some memory of the good time last time......

But now, today as I was skating on ice, I thought of my friend, who is now very far away. If time can turn back, I will really hold on to the friend tight, and not let go.


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