Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ayumi Hamasaki

Vacation confirmed

Today I got an email from Collins, and Yippy~! The Collin side have confirmed~! I am so happy, so my vacation is now setted to go. Just a few days ago, I was worrying of not able to find a hotel in Collins, but today, I finally found one, and it really looks a bit high class de loh. According to the reception, it is a 3 star hotel. But it doesn’t matter, a hotel is just for a person to sleep and rest.

The only pity thing is that I will be travelling alone. This is so sad, because I can’t find someone who is willing to go with me on a quite expensive trip. Still a few months away form the vacation, but I have planned and arranged everything. From applying leave, to planning what to eat.

Ayumi Hamasaki

This is one singer I like. She is Ayumi Hamasaki. Well, it is because she have a lovely voice, and enchanted a lot of people bah. This Saturday, Eason Chan will be arriving in one of the shopping center for the autograph. And I have although heard of it, but no a single concern. But then, another scenario aroused. That is, If the person who come to do the autograph session is Ayumi, what would my respond be? Haha, immediately, I would take a leave off and queue up for it, and be the NUMBER 1~!

This blog now actually plays Ayumi Hamasaki, titled Rainbow. It is from the album Rainbow, very long ago released. I am thinking, Is it difficult to find someone who like Ayumi, because it is a japanese singer? Chinese Singers are a big hit. If there is a Chinese singer I like, it could probably be Zhang Shao Han. Why Zhang Shao han is because her voice is cute, and most of them are love songs. Perhaps I can learn a song or two and sing to the another person.

I will never forget the last time I joined a KTV with friends, and choosing SHE song. Ha ha, one of the song is actually a sad song, called hai bing gong yuan by SHE, which stands for Selena, Hebe, Ella. The song is sad, and gave people the impression that I am feeling sad, but heehee, I choosen the wrong song.

I used to have this wonderful Ayumi photo, large size, and hang it on the wall. Well,it is nice looking, but my previous GF doesn’t like her, because Ayumi is a Japanese, and she doesn’t like it. In one rage, I throw away the Ayumi poster, but later very regret over it. Is it a norm that girls dun like their BF to put another girls photo on the wall even thought it is his favourite singer? Hmmm…


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