Sunday, August 03, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Not a gaming optimised PC

Today, as I was playing the command and conquer on my PC, I found out it is true, my PC is not tuned to be a strong gaming device. What is wrong with the machine?
Hmm… Anyway, I don’t think I am going to invest much into my PC, because it is already running well and ok.

Steamboat Recount

I was in a steamboat feast yesterday, and I found out that I have a special skill that no one have. The ability to eat and eat in a steam boat.
I do not have a truly hearty food feast, because everyone is surrender after eating, and it is a bit malu if I continue on eating. Ha ha. I have been digging in on and on, eating and eating, but never seems to be full. Then, I realize that others have stopped eating and packing up, but I am still not full.

This reminds me of the incident when I was in the Poly life. I have been patronizing the steamboat in Sunset way every week, until the person there knows me, because of my unbelievable appetite. Then one day, without a notice, he moved. At first, I thought he have actually closed down, but then I found him in marina bay by chance And from that day on, I sometime went there to eat. Then before you know it, the whole steamboat restaurants there closed down for the building of the casino resort. Now, Cannot find it anymore. Next stop, will be chong pang steamboat. It is located in boon keng road, and One of these days, I am going there, because one of my friend recommend that it have free flow of the crab crab.

Terminator, Chronicle of Sarah Connor

This is the drama that have been showing every Wednesday on channel 5. I think this is very science fiction, because it speaks of the day between the terminator 2 and terminator 3.
Can anyone catch a small section of why John was telling the terminator what he have to do in the terminator 3? It is the scene where Catherine and John was trying to escape on the plane, and the TX have programmed the T1000 to terminate John. Throughout the fight, John shout at the terminator that e know what to do if he was to fail the mission. And in the respond, it shuts itself down. And this is probably taught by the terminator in the drama.

Cameron, the terminator who is sent to protect john connor, have been teaching john about how to control the terminator in the drama. It is there where John learn a lot, and how to avoid the karmati, who is another terminator sent by skynet to kill john.

The fight is very fierce, because each terminator fight in the opposite ways, and backed by Sarah Connor, she teaches John how to follow clues and fight like a real warrior.

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