Thursday, July 10, 2008

Change your lifestyle to rechargable batteries~

Taking a break

Today I take a break out form my study, because it really is tiring, so better take a rest for today, and go straight home. For the first time for a long time, I actually reached home around 1830. Yup. Usually I reached home around 2300, because of study, and then, now today, it is 1830.
The train is really REALLY packed~! And despite the promise of 2 minutes interval for the train, the train is still packed, and full. I do not wish to waste another time of detour, so I have to stand all the way home. This is SO so sad.


I am starting to load the ranma movie into my PDA, so that I can watch it, if I am standing up. You know? If there is something to watch thile standing, it doesn’t feel that much bad. So I was watching, and duh, the eposide is so messy, because of some disorganization. So I guess, I have to organize them a bit, before loading it back to the PC.

Ranma is a manga of a boy, who turns into a girl when he is splashed with cold water, and then turns back if splashed with hot water. They are being cursed, and his father have promised marriage of his son to his best friend’s daughter, who is Akane. Last time I thought Akane is pronounced as A-Kane. But through the show, it is actually called A-Ka-Ne.

Rainy season

It is raining season nowadays. And sometime, I really don’t understand the mentality of technicians. Despite training them to switch off the chiller to save energy, they are afraid of complains, and not confident enough to shut it down, I feels I am the only one who dares to shut down the chiller during sufficient coolness of the building. And the worse part is, the things are all talks and no action. If approval is given to proceed, I will go all the way, and there is no stopping to it.

Upgrading batteries

I am now into the phase of upgrading all the batteries in my home, to rechargeable batteries. This is because the new generation of battery eneloop, is able to be charged 1000 times, and stays longer.
I think this is great news. Let’s say for example,

one pack of 4 energizer battery cost $9.20,
that makes $3.20 per piece.
1000 piece would cose $2300.

One pack of rechargeable cost $26.50(65.3 % higher than normal battery) per pack, making $6.60 per piece.

Charger cost $37.50 for the initial investment, with 1000 charges,
it cost 37.50 + 26.50 = $64 per 1000 charges.
This is a saving of 2300 – 64 = 2238!

Power charges

If electricity charges is to be accounted into it, one pair of charge of 4 batteries is 5W, 1000 charges = 250 times, so is 250*5 = 1250W, = 1.25 KWH.

Each charging time is 8 hours so is 1.25KWH * 8 = 10KWH.
Given that electricity rate is $0.228/KWH,

1000 charges of Rechargable batteries only cost $2.28,
taking into account of total cost,
it cost 2238-2.28 = 2235.72 in saving if I switch to rechargeable batteries.

Although the initial investment is quite high, but the returns is really fast.
So switch to rechargeable batteries today~!

It helps to protect the environment too, because used batteries if it is not sent back to the appropriate recycling plant, it can cause harm to the environment, and there are power charges needed to manufacture and dispose the batteries.


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