Sunday, June 08, 2008

busy busy busy

Been a long long time since I get the time to blog.

Yup, been busy these days, firstly, is because of my studies, my workm and lately added, projects, and the newest thing is to take care of my cousin dogs. Duh
Why is it that there are so many things to do these days? The most time consuming is the dogs. I gotta look after these two dogs, for my cousin, who is on oversea holiday. As there is no one around to look after the dogs, the duty lies with me.
These dogs are so troublesome, Have to wake up early in the morning, to bring them out for their stroll and pee, and in the evening, gotta rush home and bring them out for the stroll before they pee all over the place. Once, I did not managed to made it, they really pee and poo all over the place.

No more slayer, vampires, werewolves and zombies.

For those who knows me and the facebook, I rarely play the slayers, vampires, werewolves and zombies. Today I just delete them, and switch to other things, such as jackpot bandit, and bowling. Hee hee. As for the drug lords, nope, I am not playing anymore.


How many people have known of a meter called ammeter? This is a meter that measures current. And it is the current, that govern the power usage of every household. As you know, power = voltage time ampere, and since everyone is receiving 235VAC, but the current can varies as the usage goes up. So I am thinking of adding an ammeter into the household, so that I can monitor the ampere usage by the entire household. This also applies to the air conditioning. But looks like all these busy schedules are making my work uptight.


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