Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fire Protection at home

Fire Extinguisher ay homeHome Fire Protection

How many people have think of this thing at home called fire protection?

This is a very rare case, but it does happens. Accident do happens at home. Fire can be started anywhere. A lot of people tries to avoid talking about fire at work. So in the end, they do not do any fire protection at home.

For me, I got a smoke detector. It is a small detector that detects smoke. Because fire creates smoke. This is especially useful in putting it in the area near to the kitchen. So when there is smoke, big smoke, it will sound. And the way these smoke detector sounds is very loud one. Can even wake up the dead. Ha ha.

Yang Bing Qian Re, Yong Zai Yi Shi

The other is a fire extinguisher. As Chinese saying: “Yang Bing Qian Re, Yong Zai Yi Shi” It means you feed the soldier for a thousand days, but you uses them for a moment only. It is usually referring to preparing things everyday, but uses only in emergency.

Why Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher, is really useful in term of fire, because it creates a layer of powder, to stop the fire from growing. Because the powder will starve the fire of oxygen, and it will eventually dies out. Having a fire extinguisher is useful, because it stops fire before it spread. Some people may be thinking of using water to extinguish the fire, but do you know, that you cannot use water in two area. They are oil fire, and electrical fire. This is because if you uses water on oil fire, it will spread the fire instead to a larger area. It also explode if the oil is very hot, scalding people on the skin. A for electrical fire, it can electrocute a person if the water touches the human. So in the end, a fire extinguisher with class A, B and C is good enough.

As the fire extinguisher is a form of chemical, there is a requirement for sending the fire extinguisher to the factory to have a check on the pressure, and how is the condition. Occasionally, there is also a need to recharge the fire extinguisher.
In industrial area, fire extinguisher is a must to be around. This is because it is a more fire prone place, and insurance companies are very particular in checking these fire extinguisher and the fire alarm system. Usually if a place is under fire, after that, the first place the insurance company will search is the fire alarm system.

Expired fire extinguisherViolation

If there is a violation, the insurance may not pay.
I think fire protection is a great investment, because life is precious, and these can saves lives, it sure is good. Sometime, if there are neighbor whose house is on fire, can also save them. Although there are people who avoid talking about these, but it is inevitable.

Great mind thinkingAs a door stopper

These pictures is also a very interesting use of a fire extinguisher. It actually is being used as a door stopper. This is because the door with a door closer, automatically closes.

And since the fire extinguisher must be near to the entrance, so people would use the fire extinguisher and use it as a door stopper. Hmm… quite a dangerous stunt huh.
As for expired fire extinguisher. Hmm… it really is hard to image that there is a fire extinguisher expired, found in a very highly prone place that is expired for three years. Anyway, expired fire extinguisher is quickly changed, because if can void the insurance contract if it is expired for a long time.


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