Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Laptop

New Laptop

This is an entry, about my new Laptop, an Acer Travelmate 6292. It is assigned to take over the Internet PC, which was sold because ti have became slow, because some of the circuitry starts chalking up problems, and slowing the PC down. Thus, it have to be sold off, after 6 months in my home.

Replacement for internet PC

It looks a very sad things, but it gotta go. And in replacement, it is the internet laptop, to take over the internet PC. As mentioned before, the internet PC is to go into the internet for surfing. So that when the laptop is affected, it cannot reach the master PC. Soemtime, the laptop can also be brought out to do project, because it is a lightweight 12.1 inch display, and is quite light. Because internet laptop is a resource to go into the internet, it is armed with some antivirus and internet security software. And additionally, it also have a backup system to protect all the files incase of anything happens.

Main PC

It is although fast, but still inferior to the Main PC. Main PC role is to play high graphic games, and to do refining work for photo adjustment and typing. Together with a secondary hard drive, it houses all the multimedia resources in it, so that it can be retrieve rapidly. As for the other hard drive, it houses the programs, and windows programs. In addition, there is another hard drive that is suppose to store all the backup files. But this hard drive failed, and cannot start le. Haih, the next upgrading is to get another hard drive, but I change to using portable hard drive as a substitute to it. This is because by using another portable hard drive, backup of files can be in offline during normal running. And in case of anything wrong, the portable hard drive can be plug in, and recover every single files.

Portable offline hard drive

The portable drive that I am using is a Seagate hard drive. It is a 500GB hard drive, to store three time of the entire volume of the Main PC. This is to ensure that the datas are kept safe, because they are all very important. I learnt it the hard way, because on one occasion, I format the wrong hard drive, and in the end, all the data are lost. Even though there is another backup volume, but it only hold old data, and not the recent one.

Anyway, This Main PC is a 3Ghz processor. The unit is a Lenovo desktop, and it is no longer in production. In another way, if this PC is sold, it can be put in a museum.
Main PC History

I spent $50 to customize the casing, so that I can put 8 fans on top, and remove all the hot air out. In addition, there are 2 fans at the back to blow the air out, and one fan in the middle to blow the air in. This si to accelerate the forced ventilation. Forced ventilation is the technique used in this main PC to draws out the air, and main purpose is to cool down the processor, Ram and the NVIDIA graphic card. The NVIDIA graphic card is a very hard to find graphic card, because the common high performance graphic cards are PCI express. As for this Lenovo, sadly, there is no PCI express slot, but using AGP slot. Thus, I gotta go and look for NVIDIA AGP graphic card. After I got the graphic card, I cannot start up the PC, and later found out the wattage is not sufficient for so many things. I then go and get a new power supply, and it is a true power unit, so that the voltage and ampere is distributed with no problem. True enough, after upgrade the new power supply unit, the PC start up fast and running. Graphics are real solid, and by integrating this PC to the amplifier, the sound effect is totally awesome. Thus, this PC is very important, because it holds a l;ot of things, and I certainly do not wish to flush out the stuff and rebuild it. Haha.

Internet laptop

As for the internet laptop, it can be flush out anytime, because the data, when it is collected from the net, it is then transferred to the main PC for storage, so that the internet PC can be flush out anytime. Also, since it is a portable type, traveling with it around is also quite convenient.

HP product a disappointment

The main reason why I get a small laptop is after a very hard and long consideration about the space. This is because if I were to get another PC, I will need to have another computer table.Because certainly, this computer table cannot hold two PC. And seeing laptop can be placed anywhere, at a cost of another few hundreds dollars, I uses that extra cash that I would be buying a new PC table, to get a small laptop. Some interview and feedback have been gathered, and I narrowed down to Sony, Fujitsu and Acer. HP, Asus and Compaq are a totally out of the list. This is because if people who knows me long enough, I have this laptop that totally sucks that I have to send the laptop to the service center almost every month. And each time they do it, they just says they have to reinstall the programs. And guess what, that is the best they can do. On arguing about it, and due to inconvenient to the fact that I have to draw some time out just to go to the service center to take queue number, first for servicing, and second for collection, I have a totally had it attitude. I sell it off at a very low reduced amount, and swear never to get a HP. And when I was getting a new PDA, I get a HP Ipaq and guess what, the sound is a totally disappointment, and the ring tone cannot be classified, so I do not know who called. Starting the camera is also slow to startup, and by the time it started, I have already finished eating. I returned back to the service center when it consistently hangs up, and without getting a satisfactory answer, I never use this HP Ipaq as a phone anymore. This is because of a very biggest flaw in the design, that whenever I surf the web using wireless, when the ipaq failed to detect the wireless it automatically switch over to the GPRS to continue surfing the internet. Hear this: AUTO SWITCH TO GPRS~! Do you know how heavy cost is GPRS used for in surfing net? From that day onwards, I never use the Ipaq as a phone anymore. And selling it off is a totally lost, because it is worth a quarter of the full price. Over at second hand shop, I saw a lot of people selling HP ipaq too, and I know why do they do it. . . Anyway, HP ipaq now serve only three purpose, listening to radio, MP3 and watching Movie. That’s all. Practically, it is a video player.

I swear

Ever since the incident with HP laptop and the HP ipaq, I swear not to buy anymore HP products.

Lenovo PC

Lenovo is a useful PC, because at the time I got it, it is a newly started company which bought over IBM. At that time, the price is quite cheap. After reading up on the company profile, I quickly go and get it and at a very low price. It is a desktop complete with everything minus a monitor. This is because the monitor featured is very small. So I get it without a monitor. After getting it, the rest to get new hardware, to add on to it.

Computer Table

The computer table is a se;f assembled table from Courts. As it is self assembled, I got it at a cheap price. After assembled the computer table, the plastic wheel is so weak. I gotta go and source for a wheel all the way in Thomson Road to get it. And after I got the better wheel, I realizes that the wheel is useless, because the computer table is not going to move around the room. So I go and get 4 cup studs to install on the computer table. A few engineering technique is used to do the modification on the table. And then add two metal pieces to reinforce the table, so that the table will not shake.

After the modification, the computer table is a totally solid table which does not shakes so violently when it is first assembled.


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