Sunday, March 16, 2008



As I open the classified today, Hmm… I felt very very tempted to find a new job, preferably in Woodlands. This is because of everyday I have to spend 2 hours in traveling to and fro the workplace, and I gotta wake up early in the morning. Although the days start slow, but if it is in the workplace, I can save an hour of train to the workplace.

Anyway, I opens up the classified is to look for a job for a friend. But the look of the engineer job is really very tempting. Some are in woodlands, some in city area, and some is even closer to my school.

The newspaper has a lot of jobs looking for engineers and most of them are in woodlands. I live near woodlands, so feel really tempted. If there is a job placement for Seagate 3, I would definitely not waste time and go for it. Ha ha. But too bad, there isn’t.

Anyway, engineer vacancy seems to be quite close to the accountancy job. Hmm….. does that means that accounts work closely with engineers?


For anyone who knows me in the facebook, I am no longer playing the Knighthood. This is because the application knighthood is very time consuming, and very difficult to play. Novices sees it quite fun, but watching the building grow, and the requirement to go out, kill and rescue people from the enemy, just makes the games very difficult, and boring. I just throw my things and building there.

But I do still play the slayer, green patches, and most importantly, Drug Lords. I am into the march tournament, and hmm… got intot he position of the top 400, so gotta try again and again. It seems that after getting into the top 300 once, I find it hard to get into the top 100. Is it because those who are above, are very serious gamers?

Mouse: Laser or optical

I am now considering into getting a mouse. Now I have one mouse, shared between one pc and a laptop. Although the touchpad of the laptop is still working, but having a mouse may be faster in using the cursor.

I saw this laser mouse, that is selling in the PC show some time ago, and duh, why didn’t I buy the mouse in that place. Maybe I can get a free mouse pad as well.

Anyway, a laser mouse is not cheap, as compare to the optical mouse. Optical mouse are more preferable than the wheel mouse, because it uses optical, and doesn’t requires any mechanical parts. As for the wheel mouse, sometime, it is not accurate because the sensors and the roller may be jammed.

As for the laser mouse, it have smaller resolution, making small movement noticeable, and the mouse will zoom to the exact spot instantly.


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