Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PC show 2008

Have you been to the PC show? And it is about time soon, because it came at a time when I was very angry about my internet PC, and now that it is here, I go for it,

Afterall, it is only during the pc show where you can bargain for it. Searching for a good PC is not hard. Just need to study the market price, work out the budget, search for review, go into technical data, and got the the PC show and look for the selected PC.

As for me, I actually intended to buy a pc instead, but later, I found out that there are currently no pc that can outmatch my master PC. My main PC is an obsolete 3.0 Ghz, with Geforce T6???, 2 GB memory with cooler master plate. IT have three hard drives, couple with wireless G adaptor, 8 top exhaust fan, one bottom exhaust fan, and a 450 W power supply.

After studying the market price in courts, and Best denki (these are two stores that sells the cheapest available), I work out the money, and found out that the price of the laptop nearly breakeven with the PC, by merely $200.

After receiving some reviews, I move on to either Acer, and Compaq. All thanks to MR Keith and Jerry. I never came across the Acer brand, because I have some bad review before, but still, Keith was highly recommend for it, and since I am using it only for internet, I put it into consideration.

On the first day, I actually was thinking about going for it in the last day, on Sunday, to buy the laptop. But I went instead on the first day, because my colleagues are going as well, and there is a free transport, I go with them to go and take a look.

In the exhibition, I went ahead to study all the brands, and locked on to 13.0 inch and 12.2 inch models. This is because in my view, they are small and handy, and can be kept easily in my drawer.

After looking around, I found out that in contrary to my PC, Lenovo is more expensive when they are selling laptop. But when they sell pc, it is cheapest. My master PC is the LEnovo brand, with the casing modified to add in 8 more fans.

I did not put in HP into my list, all because of… that HP 15.4 inch incident. That laptop always hangs, and the sales insist that I continue to use it, After the HP customer service officer changed the PC over one for one, the problem still persist, but it doesn’t exist in my fujitsu laptop. So I sold it off, at a very big loss of more that $1K. I was so angry about the service, because I go down to the service center in Alexandra every month because of the problem that doesn’t go away. Now that I am going to buy a new laptop, I never consider it anymore, because eof this incident.

I went and selected two brand, Toshiba 13,3 inch, or Acer 12.2 inch. I study the specs, and consider the price as well, and finally, rested on a 12.2 inch laptop. I get the laptop straight, and expand it to 3 GB memory. IT is a 2.oGhz It won the selection because it have a 800Mhz FSB, while the rest have lower FSB value.

I later go and buy another Seagate portable hard drive, to backup my datas in the master pc, and also if possible, for the laptop.

After these two, I also grab a Norton Internet security premier edition to install it into my master pc and laptop.


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