Sunday, February 17, 2008

Face book

Facebook re-organise.

Today, I spend half a day, looking into my facebook, and doing a renovation, tidying up the unused applications, and playing some of the games.

Facebook ar……could be fun though, get the chance to buy and sell my friend. I am very shocked that one of my friend, kenichiro is worth so many money. Dunno how he did it. but I want to buy him also have some problem.

Later, I exploit my email address, and invite some people to go to the facebooks. Well, it could be more fun than friendsters, but facebook sometime takes a long time in loading. Maybe it is because my PC is slow.

How many people actually spend some time out to play the facebook per day? I am more interested into the vampire game. Quite funny de. Can get to kill everyone.

Before and After ChangeBicycle

Again, I am talking about my bicycle. Hmm…. I sent it to check out the bicycle sub this time, and the guy gave me a bad news that the race-wheel of the sub seems to be broken inside. Oh gosh~! I shouldn’t have change the braking mechanism yesterday then. So sad de. To add to that, the frame is also misaligned, probably cos of long time usage. Aiyah, I should have buy a new bicycle instead. Duh~. Anyway, the budget for a new bicycle is still not ready, so I guess I still have to use this bicycle for the time being. The only problem I will face is a slower speed, cos the bearing is not working well. Oh duh~.

Anyway, bicycle brakes is one important mechanism, because it can prevent and stop a potential accident. The back wheel tyre is the one that will bear most of the stress during starting and stopping because when starting, all the inertia force are acting on the back wheels, because the resistance of the bicycle and the rider falls to the back.

Gear.And during braking, if the brake is always applied at the back wheel only, there will be frictional force, acting between the wheel and the ground. Some microns of the rubber, may get rub during the braking time, as it slows down, and if excessive braking force is applied, it can lock the wheel, and the wheel rubber will worn off easily.

Brake pad, is the component that does the braking, In released mode, they are on standby, around 5 mm distance, and controlled by wire string. In high end bicycle type, brake pad mechanism are replace by brake disc. I am not sure how it works, but it can cost even 10 time the cost of brake pad mechanism. Oh gosh. I stick to brake pad, because it can really last, as long as I keep the rim clean.


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