Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New schedule in progress

Ayumi;s album, GuiltyAyumi’s Guilty

I have listened to Ayumi's Guilty yesterday, and hmm.... I think she is concentrating more into the rock and roll type. not like the usual sentimental......I am a bit disappointed with this album......:(

Study VenueNew study venue

I have just found a new venue to study. It is actually near to my workplace, and it is a room which is very quiet one, with people who are really into study mode. I think this is by far a secret place, and nt many people knows about it. Have to be a member of the secret place, before you are allowed into the room. At first trial, I exactly dun like it much, cos there is a person speaking next to the room. But when I was out scouting around, I found out there is another room, totally isolated from other room, and sitting in it, can really be very peaceful.

After a day of tril in this room, I like it much, and I am planning a new schedule, to ft into this new function. As I have always dislike, I hate the traffic noise outside my home. The car sounds are really irritating to me.

However, I like peace quiet to concentrate, because it is the only time I can really think about things more clearly.

Comfort Zone

Occassionally, I have this thought, that I am working in a comfort zone, which I think can make me stay for years after years, with the neverending job. This job is endless, because new problem will arise, and some can be challenging. But when I look at journals, I would be amazed about how engineering are so exciting, as to the things I am doing now. When we were talking about metal, engineers are talking about material grade, property, characteristics, melting and boiling point, saturation mixture of alloy. I see that engineering are more exciting, because it can really make a person learn quite a great deal. And on knowing material properties, I can control material manufacturing well. Sometime I do yearn to go to engineering line, but there are still yet a lot more to learn. Will I be able to progress in my career? Change a new job and take up new challenge, or stay in the comfort zone.

Valentine's Day

This thursday, it would be the valentine's day. For a person who celebrates this day annually for 5 years, this year will be a bit different. I may or will be spending alone. How to celebrate valentine's day alone, I do not know how to, cos I have been used to having someone special. But since September last year, this year, it would be different. As I checked the revised schedule, nothing...nothing at all...If I were in last time mood, I would drink my heart out. But that is last time. Just let bygone, be bygone. I should look forward in the future, and not turning back. The word of my First director is always in my mind:"Whatever you do, always look in front, and never look back. If you look back, you will fall". Thanks Mr Tan.


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