Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stephen Returned.

Yup, no network, cos I have ben out off the pc for 3 days.

I was off the network, because I have been out oversea~! yuppie~! this time, I went to KL, and it is quite fun, cos it is
Number 1, a Free and easy type of vacation.
Number 2, Get to do pre-chinese new year shopping
Number 3, Get to take three type of train rides
Number 4, Get to fufilled a dream of mine, going to a place many year ago,
Number 5, Shop, Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop, Eat,
Number 6, get to know how rural life looks like.

I think these are it. I have not yet sorted out the photos.
I actually bought some presents for my close friends, and then foun out that one of them is on a long leave too. So good. it is only when I found out when I was about to go and look for him, and found out from the email that he is on leave. Think he went back to malaysia to celebrate his Chinese New Year bah.

Just as I touched down Singapore from KL, I got a call to says someone was actually complaining about me at work. What kinda news is that to give to someone who have a refreshed day? DUH~!

Anyway, I worked tody, and find it quite nice, and happy. While I was happily working, I did not realised that a friend of mine is working sad. Somehow, I feels, I am quite useless, because I am not a sensitive person bah. My logics always gets me away from the emotional point of view de. I wish......I have the ability of Anthony Robin, or Adam Khoo....to be able to persuade a person to look at different point of view. Why Why why.

What is the Use?
What is the use of a extreme powerful technical knowledge, and yet do not have the ability to see through body language? What is the use?

Chinese New Year
Anyway, Chinese new year is coming soon, So here comes the rare chance of yet anohter year, where all shps closes for 2 days.



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