Monday, January 28, 2008

Conned by "OLD" lady~!

My Titanium SpectaclePerfect Eyesight

My eyesights, are a perfect vision, no colour blind, no short sighted, no far sighted. Thank GOD for that. How I wanted to sing out loud, for such a good vision. But, still, I do have a spectacle, and it is a clear specs. But this spec have one functions. And this functions can make me feels better.

My eyes are sensitive to sunlight. When exposed to sunlight environment, my eye will feel discomfort. In my room, the windows are coated with UV reduction and a darker shade, not only to protect me, and also to reduce the heating load.

When I goes out, I usually put it on, cos it can block out the UV, and on pc, it can reflect the some electronic beam from the screen de. Anyway, it is a very good spec, cos it is lightweight, and together with the lens, it has cost me half of my monthly salary. Duh. Anyway, why it cost so much is partly cos the frame is quite expensive, and cannot find easily anywhere else. A very lightweight material, yet it is hard and rigid.

Woodlands Factory Postpone

What a sad morning that greets me……A rainstorm that ruin my plan to go to woodlands factory. That really caught me unprepared, cos I was thinking of going to eat that chicken rice, but because of the rain, I can’t go. And to add scar to the wound, the sky doesn’t look favorable with a lot of cloud around, so can’t actually go out to do the things that I want. Maybe I will go tomorrow then.

Wet Market

This is so outrageous. I was conned by an “old” woman when I was buying sea cucumber. Oh duh. She charges me $35/KG for sea cucumber, and after realizing something is weird about the price, I went to the Fairprice, and check out the price, and to my astonishment, it only cost $16.90/KG. she charges me double for it. I think she never knew I can be calculative person. Well, since she earned me big amount this time, then I just let it go, because she will never earn another single cent from me ever again. I added her stall in my “Stephen’s black book list” And she will never earn another cents. EVER~!

I actually thought of buying duck, since I have not had one for a long time le. But to my dismay, there was not a single duck on sale. And the pork, what can I say, try buying pork on a Monday is a fool’s job. And yours truly is a fool trying to buy pork rib on a Monday, in the wet market.

I think I have not been to a wet market for a long time now, cos I do not know the current market price, and the condition trend of the vegetables and meat. Are we spoiled by the Giant supermarket such as Fairprice, Cold Storage? But if you were to look more closely, nowadays the price in wet market indeed went up, because the Chinese new year is coming soon. And thus, most people try to jack up the price, so they can have a fat new year. So in matter like this, I think I would go to Giant supermarket to buy in the mean time. Well, I do still feel the pain, cos of the sea cucumber incident.

Tonight’s dinner really is costly.


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