Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hot Hot Hot Day~

Chinatown CNY 2008 Firework, by Felicia KuangMusic Junction

I was in Music Junction today, and I came to see that the japanese calalog is getting lesser and lesser. And I got to learnt that Ai Otsuka is not there, this is so sad de. How come they don’t sell Ai Otsuka CD? It is really cute de loh. But never mind, I think I will do without it.

I was also staying around, and see that Music Junction seems to be selling more on DVDs and VCDs. Looks like they are moving ahead to selling Visual products, rather than concentrating on audio products. But one thing I don’t understand is how come they are selling a lot of Transformer the movie, the cartoon movie. You know, the one about the matrix and unicorn one. They are selling in three different cover, but the story is all the same. This may lead to confusion, because what if the consumer bought three different cover, and realizes that it is all the same show, how would he feel and respond to it? As for me, I already got the movie, and it is the first time issue one.

Web Cam

I also wanted to buy a Web cam, because I wanted to talk to another person I the MSN at home. But this courts seems to be great in business these days, always a long queue de. So I gave up. Can you imagine, the queue is so long, yet they only open up 2 cashiers, and the rest of the salesperson are standing around chatting? I like Best Denki better. They have this Japanese concept, that they will follow you all the way, and will answer to any enquire that you have. If you step out of their area, another will come and take over. IT really makes a person feel important. And When I was asking about this DVD player, and wanted to test it out, he gets another person who knows better, and they bring to the testing station and test it out. It is quite thorough. And the conclusion, I got a DVD player.

Hot Hot Hot

Nowadays, it is really hot hot hot. Luckily I am working in an air conditioned environment, otherwise, I sure melt. As I look at my room thermometer, it shows 32 degree Celsius. It is really that hot, that I gotta activate my air conditioner in my study room. I seldom switch it on de. But today have no choice, otherwise, I will melt. I like cold environment, rather than hot environment, and luckily, my body can withstand cold temperature, so I always tune it down, and even my aircon in my work station is the most powerful in among the office, cos it gives off a constant air temperature of 15 to 17 degree. Even my two partners cannot take it. Bu it will be very useful to them, if they have finished hot work and rest. I thought of adding a small air curtain, to contain this air, but the boss don’t allows because it looks quite messy, so too bad.


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