Saturday, January 19, 2008

Door Advertising

Potential home vacant
Door to Door Advertising

One of the least preferable ways of advertising to me is Door to door brochures.

To the advertisers, this is a good way of promoting, because on the streets, the people will not take it, for the sake of the earth, so some advertisers will try sending through door to door method brochures as if force feeding info to the owners of the house.

Little did they realized, that their way of method of doing, have a very dangerous way of putting the owner’s house in danger. I have voiced this out many times, but there is really no channel to go to. So after long time of decision, I think I might as well post it on my blog. Hopefully, the authorities will look into it.

Owner at risk

Some owners, such as one particular owner, often go home and stay with their parents, and are seldom at home. Little did they know, advertisers post their brochures on their door step, and they could be out for a week, or perhaps the weekend? And these are telling everyone, “There is no one in this house at the moment, please come with an cold bar.”

I really hate these people. They force feeding, and some owners just throw them on the floor, “creating jobs” for the cleaner to do the sweeping. And some even throw the brochures out of the corridor, and landed somewhere else. How many would pick up and read it?

AC Nielson Research

According to AC Nielson surveys, the least effective way of advertising is through door to door advertising. And the most effective way of advertising, is nonetheless, mouth to mouth advertising. This is because if the product is really good, people will introduce the item to their friends and families, and later stage, correspondence, colleague, and clients. This constitute to 78 percent of the consumers, because consumers trust another consumers.

In Singapore, according to October 2007 research, 54 percents of consumers trust advertising. And if we assume door to door advertising as text ad in phone(which is practically true), 18 percents of the consumers will trust it. so if 54 adds 18, and divide by 2, we see that door to door advertising is only 38 percents effective in advertising. If take mouth to mouth which is 78 percents, we get 66 percents, which is more than half of it. So why do people still persist n door to door brochures? It really hurt the environment, by printing a lot, and burning a lot of natural resources.

No one's home

These photos are taken in two house units, whose owner is out. One of them is the owner is out visiting their parents and staying there, and another is out on vacation. So by the look of these two doors, we can see that there is no one in the house, and this really pose a very dangerous sign for the burglar to attack.

I hope someone will take considerate actions against this method of advertisers, or do they have to wait for something to happen, before action is taken?

As for me, I never look at them. I just take and chuck it into the piles of newspaper in my home. Basically, I think by words of mouth method is quite effective.

But of course, I do research intenively when looking for something that I want.


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