Monday, January 14, 2008

Death Note: L changed the world.

The Line
Lately, I was not myself, cos there are things happening aorund me. After much thoughts, I think I should not have left the blog alone. I should draw a line between the reality and the virtual.

Death Note 3: L change the world.
Yeah, Sometime, I really wonder how L knows about the death note and how to control it. I think he must have some link to it when I sat him in the first part of “Death Note”

I was passing by orchard, and I noticed the movie advertisement of Death note 3. So looking forward to it. In “Death Note”, Yagami Light fight with L mentally, and in the second part “Death note: The last name”, Yagami combine with another girl, Misa Amane to fight L, but both Yagami and Misa lost. But L later is lost to the death note. All because of the fact that L need the cooperation of a detective, to expose Yagami.

“L change the world” is speaking about the last 23 days of his life. I can see some of the characters, and well, so looking forward to it.

Death note is originate from Japanese Anime, an it is put into the show. It have quite a lot of series, because there are a lot of Death God. The death note that Yagami got is actually a stolen death note by Ryuk, another death God from another death God. But Misa’s death note is a sacrifice made by a death God. But before this death God died, He passes his notebook to another death God, to make sure it is delivered to Misa, for her use. I only read a bit of the comic because the story is really quite long.

Bealieu House
How many people have been to a restaurant called Bealieu House? It is a small restaurant, stand alone type facing the beach. I have been there since I was young. And few days ago, I been there, and feel total sadness in me. I remembered my dad. He is the one who brought me and my mum to the place for my birthday. It is a very nice ambient, with the sound of the beach, and the sight of people doing BBQ and swimming in the sea. My dad is no longer with us, but his memories does stay. Sometime, I just wish he is still alive now so my mum will not be so lonely, and goes out every weekend. His death is so sudden, we really have no preparation for it. one morning he is alive, doing the normal stuff, and in the evening when my mum went home, she found him dead on the floor. He is a home staying person, doing a lot of effort to renovate the house, build the best sound system, and likes to sings. Every weekend, he would bring my mum out to somewhere, whereas I goes out till the wee hour of the morning. I enjoy night life in weekends de. Cos I can get to see things at night, and my mind is so active, I can cycle all night in the empty street with the top speed the bicycle can go. At night , it is cooling, and I actually dun like sun light de. So this lifestyle fits me. But now, my dad is not around, and my mum always fear that I would met with accident should I cycle at night, I have to sleep at home. I remember my dad used to be a heavy smoker in the house. And both my mum and I have to keep on persuade and add pressure on him, that he quit smoking, and take up drinking beer instead. Then we have to pressure him to quit the beer drinking habit. In the end, he cut it down to one can per day. What is so great about drinking beer de? I wonder sometime. I prefer wine better than beer. Beer is too gassy. My dad also picks up Jap and sometime, he teaches me some of the vocabulary, when I have trouble with it. The most burnt hard word is "Okaane". It means money. He often tell me "Okaane arimasen". It means "No money". And during that time, because I have someone to talk Jap with, I progress fast. But ever since he is gone, I think, it is hard to find someone to speak with. Most of my friends are quite low level, so most of the time, I ended up teaching them instead of learning from them.

I brought my mum to Bealieu, because it is her birthday, and I want it special place for her, and she suggested Bealieu house, because we have not been there for a long long time. But during halfway of eating, I recalls the moment when my dad was around, and there is this two dish that he would always order, because it is his favorite food. But that night, I did not order those, because I was worried that my mum would be sad.

Muva Lamp
How many people have heard of Muva Lamp? I got it at a special price from a friend, who owns a shop. He is very pleased that I am interested in it, because it is something that can hardly find de. It is a type of a mood changing lamp, where people like to watch it. I find it cute and adorable, so I ended up buying it. It works quite nicely, and looks nice on my office table. The web says this is a type of lamp that can change the mood of individuals, and also amplify the environment especially dark places. I thought of getting two of it, maybe one for the left, and another for the right. But the left side of the PC got a telephone, and a plant, so din get two.


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