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Will Eisner
Will Eisner
How dear this name is this to me…..I remember I came across this book by will Eisner, and I was very very impressed by his book. Today, as I was visiting a bookshop, I came across his voumes of book again, it brought me back memories of the book.

Yes, he is an author, and a very impressive author. He is no longer of this world now, but his book will lives on, as it is in my heart.

His series of books is one that I managed to complete all the volumes. It is although a pictorial form, but it is so said a picture says a thousand words, and it is also true in every picture of it.

Dropsie Avenue
Most of his book speaks of life as a new Yorkers, and some of them are talking about people’s life. For example, Dropsie Avenue. It speaks of how every city have a life span. And once the life span is reached, the city starts to die, land prices drop, and people lives are affected. Even the richest tycoon in the world, if you have read, is Rowena, who want to bring back the memory of her late husband, fail to rejuvenate the City back. And even if she did, she needs the help of a very delicated lawyer who is most willing to do it for her. Pity she did not managed to live long to see it. I feel very sad, because from a baby, a person grows, mature, and to old age in the same city. Although there are some who just came and go, but some will return, with their new family. Dropsie Avenue is a great book that really looks at the city turn around.

The Name of the Game
The other book by Will Eisner is called “The name of the game”. It is spoken about lifes, between the rich and poor, and how the poor become rich, by having their sons or daughter to marry the rich, and gain their fortune. The story is very vivid to me, but the morale of the story is that no matter how hard the poor marries the rich, it is usually the riches who outstand in all decisions. “The name of the game” is perhaps one of the most longest story told, because it is a very thick book, but I managed to finished reading this book. I think I read it thrice, because some of the thing it says really portray the life that we are in now. It involves a lot of people and spin slowly to the current age.

Pork PorridgeSymphony 92.4FM
As I was about to go bathing this morning, I found out one thing, is that the Symphony 92.4 actually plays when I tune in at 0500 this morning. Is symphony going 24 hours too? I remember they are usually not available de. I listens to Symphony cos it can really helps people relax. But it is only last time that I wish it can be played while I was bathing, but it is always not online. Now that it is online, I still prefer to listens to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) It usually speaks about the news and especially speaks about thing in the middle East. But sometime, I really think it is sad the way they describe the news sometime.

School’s open
One of the dreadful day this morning……the kids are out. Students starts dominating the train. Why?! Now that they are out, I have to pull my schedules back further from 0630 to 0600. If I can do it on 0530, I will too, but there is no breakfast ready for me at that time. DUH~ Anyway, I did not managed to find any seats today, and my PDA is not with me, so standing is a terrible pain for me. I should have get a book ready or perhaps, the PDA ready. How I wish I can have my own PC at work, so that I can synchronize the data between my workplace and the PDA, then, I can record things own easily. But it is only a wishful thinking.

Dun say a word, this picture is putting up because of a joke, and only 1 person in the world know what the joke is all about, so I am just putting it up as a memorial. Yup, it is the year of the mouse……The mouse get to come out to play in the open. And the cat……will sleep.. Yeh, eat Snappy tom and sleep whole day.

Cough stopping soon
YES~! Very soon, my cough will stop soon. And the revenge against the chicken, I will start. For the past 3 weeks, I have been surviving on Porridge in the morning and afternoon. Soon, this days will be over soon. I like this stall in Yishun, selling pork porridge. It is very nice, and got the taste one. The rice is though soft, but still can chew type. Hmm…. Hope they open an outlet in woodlands. But I guess not.


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