Friday, December 21, 2007

T'is is the season to be coughing

Roast Chicken
1 week, exactly, of no chicken. I am about to be driven crazy. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I loves to eat chicken, especially roasted chicken.

Since last Friday, when I had this cough, I restrained from eating Chicken, because it may makes recovering slow. Ever since last Friday, it got worse, and this coughing practically almost rip me of my communication capability, that is unable to talk. And it is the Christmas season as well. And new year is coming soon. And it is at this period of time, when the KFC introduced the Buddy meals, and all my colleague are asking me whether would I like to share the KFC buddy meal with them. Feel like punching a bag.

Since Tuesday, I starts to find the look of the roast chicken looks very tempting. And yesterday, I was feeling weak, dunno is it because of the chicken or the side effect of the medicine, that I lose my balance on one cooling tower when it starts unexpectedly.

I was walking on a row of six cooling towers, and one of them starts out of a sudden, and I lose my balance, and thrown off the walking platform. Immediately, I grab the edge of the cooling tower, and no help was around, because I was alone on top. It is 2 storey high above, and pipes are right below. Any wrong jumping, I may either slip on the pipe, and it is either the pipe or my leg break.

One giant Pooh bear ever known.At that moment, a lot of thing flashes through my mind, and I took one step by releasing my bag with the release button with one hand, and another holding the edge. After the 7.2 KG bag was released, I slowly climb myself up and landed on the water pan. Though I was wet from my pants down, but I managed to reached safety back. It was such a dangerous experience, but I will remember by hard, what to avoid in future.

If I really fell off from another place, and died, who will care for my family, and my friends? I do not have the burden of the fish now, but I would think of my mum and my bear. I have not made a note that I were to be buried with my white bear yet. Perhaps, one day, I must make a point to take a day off and make a will. Nowadays, it is popular among youngsters to make a will, in case anything is to happen to them.


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