Friday, December 14, 2007

Energy Saving through water heater

Water Heater Timer
Water heater Timer
This is an old energy saving system but maybe I should highlight it for a while...

I uses storage water heater at home, cos it supplies heated water to 4 taps. if I can connect it to the washing machine, maybe I will.

Storage water heater acts in the way that it heat the water in a tank, and only heat up when too much water is used. I installed the timer to regulate the timing of the waterheater, so that in high demand, it will switch on. and in low demand, it will switch off, so that every small uses, it will reheat itself by latent heat. This is pure science, cos when the tank is heated, it conducts heat to the metal tank. And when a small amount of water is used, the heated metal tank will conduct heat bac to the water by conduction, So even when the thermostat is triggered, it will not heat the water. and when slowly he water is heated by conduction, it will un-trigger the thermostat, so no power is actually used to heat up the used water.

Of course, in high demand, the water heater have to be switched on, so that we will not run out of heated water.

For temperature setting, I setted it to be the lowest. and the recommanded temperature is actually 3/4 of the heater capacity. this is because if the heater is setted to above 3/4, the heat will conduct through the pipe and became wasted energy. this heat value is like a parabola gragh, where it will increase exponentially if setted to hgiher value, instead of constant value.

We do not uses instant water heater, cos we are so afraid of electrical shock. And it also depends on the pressure of the water. If the presure is high, the water will not get hot enough. if the water pressure is low, the water will be very hot. and to choose the instant water heater need to know the power rating, otherwise, it will not supply the water that we want. Another thing to note is if we use instant water heater, someone flush toilet, ot washing machine is using water, the watter pressure will be low, and int he end, the water will be sometime hot, some time cold.

For Storage water heater, the story is different. once there is a change in water presure, we can just turn the mixer a bit, and the water temperature will be corrected. yeah.

Internet PC up and running.
Just as I was checking this internet pc because it stalled while loading, I finally found out the problem that causes it to hang. After I repaired the motherboard, the pc is up and running, with everything running now. Lucky for me, it is a minor defect, that is easly solved. otherwise, I really dunno how to get a new pc.


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