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Priscilla's blessed weddingBlogging

When it comes to blogging, I can be a serious person in deciding where does my blogs goes to.

According to the dictionary, a blog means: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page.

Friendsters vs blogspot

I do not blog in friendsters, because the exposure is too small, and only my friends know what I am doing, but not the outside world. And if I were to speak of some interesting places, maybe the problem will be that not many people knows about it.

And to add to one thing, it can be strictly only for friends one. >=P

That is why, I chooses blogspot, and another thing is I started blogspot earlier before friendsters introduce blogging, even thought I uses friendsters earlier.

MSN Space Vs Blogspot

MSN SpacesMany people have started using MSN spaces. For me, I really finds is really awesome in MSN space. Can you imagine? From my msn messenger, I can just click on one icon, and it will bring me to my MSN space, and it is a total command for all things, such as photos, emails, schedules, task, quotes, weather, totally everything. Yes, last year I thought of migrate to the msn space last time. This is because on the right panel, there is a small box saying about who have updated the blogs, and I can just click on it. This is like the command bar in games like that. Ha ha, when I plays RPG games, I always like the command bar to be on the right side, cos I prefer it there, and my left will be unobstructed, and I like actions on the left. Hee hee.
MSN space BlogAfter some days of using, there is one disadvantage in blogging in the Space. Hee hee. am merely pointing out my thoughts. Unlike blogspot, when it comes to graphic illustration, we cannot add photo to shows what we were doing. The font is forever small, and always left indented, unless I have not explore the full power of msn spaces. In blogspot however, if I know the javascript, I can arrange the fonts, elink(which is not yet used) and the justification.

Still, there is no denial that MSN space have more control than blogspot, maybe it is because it have more features, and blogspot is entirely dedicated to blogging only, and nothing else. But it is user-friendly, if I must admit.

Another main disadvantage is that…….MSN space blog addy is really a bit long. This is my blog, which is left alone, at Is it long? And how about this? Http:// Which one would you choose to type? hee hee

Xiaxue BlogMy most admired blog

One of my most admired blogger is Xiaxue, at Http://xiaxue.blogspot. If you have visited her blog, you can see the intro is really nice, with snows falling, and the right command bar is really neatly packed up, and not too long.

When photos are very clear, and the black imprint on a pink background matches up nicely.

And one more think is that the things she writes are sometime really, the emotion get along the way, and starts scolding people, which may brings some offenses. But if we were to not let frustration gets in our reading, sometime it does makes sense when we understand the feeling of the writer.


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