Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comapny BBQ on the 2nd November 2007

For those who know me well enough, One of the things I like is BBQ. Yup~! Especially when it is free. Wahahaha

This is an outing organized by the company. It is a BBQ in Changi Resort. It is just next to the sea, and well, it have massage center, swimming pool, bowling alley and a playground. I like BBQ food, cos it taste great, minus the carbon, that is It is inevitable that carbon will fly to the food, during the cooking process, because the air is constantly rising or caused to rise by the hot air. If you would ask me what are the things I regret, I can personally tell you this: It is the fact that I follows the company bus, going to the bowling alley first instead of swimming, and to invite a person to join the party.

First Regret: Company bus.
The company bus is aiyoh, going from places to places, and we departed at 1530, and reached close to 1800. If time would go back, I would have rent a car and go there myself.

Second Regret: Go to bowling alley first.
The swimming pool is very attractive, and I am so looking forward to jump into the pool. However, my friend invites me to join them in the bowling. So I join them for 2 games, and looking forward for the swimming, and realizes that it is closed. Oh duh. And to add to my misery, I did not bring my usual gears for bowling. Instead, I got my swimming gear ready. So……

third Regret: Invite a particular person.
So much of the thought of delegation job, and expecting. This is a very confusing stuff. I have the idea that the whole organization is going down to the BBQ, and so, everyone will be involved. In the end, I found out that it is only our department who is involved, and only the top brass were invited. The rest were not invited. I look forward of seeing one friend who I got to know, and realized that she didn’t turn up. It is quite a disappointment.

Overnight stay
I stayed overnight, because it is a really rare opportunity to get together such informally, and then pack up together. And of course, this is also a rare opportunity to sleep in ICE-Land. Ha ha. At home, I can’t afford to tune down the aircon below 25. Whereas here, I tune the air-con to 18, and sleep peacefully. In the morning, I got up and go and take photo at the sea side. And of course, to go for a swim, cos in the middle of the night, I was constantly thinking of the pool.

Getting to drive
After 2 years of anticipation, I finally got a chance to drive that day also. My friend lent me his car, as he is very tired, and so, I drove his car around. I am not quite season, and I do not know the true performance of the car, so I drove quite slowly.

New network established
Along the day, I was talking to one boss from another company, and I found out from her that nowadays, a lot of company are organizing the BBQ, to allow the staff to relax and get to knoweach other. I think in Singapore, it is a great idea. In the US, rural area, residents do start BBQ or any party they can think of, to get everyone together and enjoy. I also enjoy BBQ, but I can’t do it in my flat, cos the smoke and ashes will fly all over, and my mum will start her nagging again, and forcing me to clean up. Since the BBq, I have establish more network across other department, and got to know who and what they do. No ranks are speaking on that day, as everyone say things commonly, and haha, trying not to bring up the work stuff.


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