Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finished Command and conquer: Tiberium War.

Tiberium War Screen Shot 1, Courtesy of Electronic arts.
This morning, I have finally “command and conquer” Tiberium War. Yahoo~!

I have been playing this game for quite sometime, and the most difficult is the Scrin Campaign, where both GDI and NOD combine forces and come for me. DUH~

Need to co-ordinate well enough, then can fight them both.

Tiberium War is a great game, because it have awesome graphic, and true sound that rotates if you have 5.1 system at home. Of course, I have to really hook up my sound system. But still even with 2-1 system, playing this is also great. Imagine if I have 5.1 system.

I have been thinking of upgrading my PC to 5.1 sound systems. But it is quite a big capital investment, and my room is using plaster ceiling, so not much potential for an upgrade. The Scrin soldiers are really a bit of disappointment, because they seems to be the weakest faction. The soldiers cannot garrison building one, so making use of them is quite difficult. No wonder playing as scrin is very difficult.

Tiberium War Screen Shot 2, Courtesy of Electronic artsAnyway, if you are into strategy gaming, Tiberium War is a great game. If you follows the story close enough, it is actually not stupid. It goes like:

“One day, there is this tiberium drop on earth, and whatever it touches, it turns into tiberium. Kane, leader of NOD is interested into refining these tiberium into weapons of mass destruction. They wants to lay waste the land, and use the tiberium for themselves. The Global Defensive Initiative (GDI) stand up and tries to defeat Kane and his army, because they wants peace. And after a few fight, the GDI fires their Ion Cannon on Kane’s Liquid tiberium, and set off a massive chain reaction, that triggers the attention of alien species called SCRIN. They follows the signal, and launches 6 space ships to earth. Their objective is to harness the power of tiberium, and eliminate all humans on earth. On the way, the GDI fires the Ion Cannon at the 6 alien spaceship, sending them scatters all over the earth. The GDI then seek out every SCRIN to eliminate them. Meanwhile, Kane learns of this, and tries to defend the alien species to gain their trust and protection because he believes that with their technology, NOD can defeat the GDI with ease.

The SCRIN always view NOD as part of the enemy, but during the last stand, NOD helps SCRIN to defend the construction of one alien object, and gained the trust of the Overlord. The Overlord then trusted Kane, but not fully trust him.

Oh yes, you have to finish the GDI and NOD campaign, only then, it will opens up another menu with Scrin campaign in it. “

I am now looking forward to the next game, Starcraft 2. It is by blizzard, and according to some reviews it has new units and more powerful graphics. Just waiting for it to reach the store.

In starcraft, It is also a three faction campaign. IT is between the human race, Zerg and Protoss.

It goes like:
“ Zerg are aliens that spores quite fast, and wants to dominate the whole universe. The humans vents on destroying Zerg, just like the starship troopers. Throughout the course, the protoss, a high tech alien species joins in and they have teleportations to travel around. Then, one commander Kerrigan was kidnapped and infected by zerg. When she became queen zerg, she develop a nasty plan to wipe out the protoss and human. The overmind controls Kerrigan, to leads the army of zerg to protoss homeland, and eliminate all protoss on the planet. The protoss were left with no place to go to, and the humans were defeated. And that is where the story ends, if I am not wrong.”

This leads me to wonder: What happens in Part 2? Is the protoss going to drive the zerg out? Are the human race really gone, and where are they going? Hmm….


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