Saturday, November 17, 2007

Most difficult campaign

Tiberium most challenging campaign
The Most difficult campaign in Tiberium War is the one in cortia(:P forgot the name)

In this scene, there are two enemy, the GDI and NOD, both coming for me. well, occassionally, they would fight with one another. Defending the base is really a challenge, because I have to make full use of the Mastermind's ability, and when he is killed, aiyoh, have to take a lot of time, to train another one.

One strategy, is to capture NOD, then concentrate firepower to GDI. NOD have Obelisk to fear. But if capture GDI first, the defense is strong with that ultrasonic weapon.
After a lot of loss battle, the one strategy, if you haven came up with, is to capture the NOD first. Concentrate on teleport shock trooper to obelisk, and take it out fast~ before the reinforcement come. And after everything capture, do not capture the two info building. instead, if you go for the bonus objective, build up troops, and then move them to near the base entrance.
Destroy the bridge at the south east of GDI base, and then, teleport all the shock troopers to the 6 power plant and take it out fast~.

After the powerplant is down, use forcefield on GDI machine shop then move NOD commando from the west-north-west, with 3 tanks and 2 Avatars. At the west, move in all the remainding troops, with either manipulator or saboteur, to take over any machines that are shot down.

If you have Vertigo Bomber, use it to take down the rocket turret during the power down, and then that ultra sonic turret.

Another way is to start the show, with a nuclear blast on the 6 power plants, instead of teleporting the shock troopers to make the sacrifice.


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