Saturday, December 01, 2007

Extraordinary Gifts

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I have this thought when I was in a shopping mall, and out of sudden, I realised that there is a shop in The HEEREN, worth speaking of.

It is in the top floor, fifth floor to be exact where this shop is located. It sells toys from all over the country. Some from France, from US, and some are from a country that I dreamt of going to; JAPAN.

Ants workThey sell gifts, and unlike from any gift shops, they sell gifts, that are less ordinary. Some like a make your own ice cream, a clock which retro feel, can be found there.

The most eye catching is a toy calls Antswork. It is a small little container, that have a type of gel nutritious for the ants to eat. And as they eat, they would burrow tunnels and people can see hot the tunnel goes about and observe how the ants work. The best number is more than 10 ants, and they will work faster in burrowing the tunnel.

 This is how alternatives shop looks likeOther than antswork, there are cups, chains, watches, and cute cute little sofas, that I feel very tempted to sits on. Besides that, there are hot magma display, and retro toys displays.

I find this shop quite attractive in term of the housekeeping. The things are arranged neatly, and most of the toys cannot be found anywhere in Singapore. As far as I know that is.

So if you are looking for “gifts that are not ordinary”, you can find in Alternatives, 5th floor Heeren Shops.


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