Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1 Fish Missing

AHU system before modification
One entry Removed
For almost 3 years ever since I joins the blog community(4th Feb 2004), it is the very first time today, that I have to remove one entry from the blog. The first time...Well, everything has it's first.

Anyway, the blog that was removed is not an offensive article. It is a blog, that when I read again today, makes no sense one, and the photo is being commented to be from the newspaper, but it is the fact that I took the photo myself, because the angle that the papers took, is different. Nevertheless, after much consideration, I have decided to removed it. Hmm... feel a bit sad, but it would be more sad, if it stays there. Removing a blog entry really takes a long long time to consider.

FCU only1 Fish Missing
As I was doing study today, and took a look at my fish tank while thinking, I noticed that one of the clownloach is missing. I search all their playground and sleeping area, but that missing fish cannot be found. So strange one. This is the fourth(I guess) generation fish tank. I remember the second generation fish tank, that comes with underground sewer system, lies a hidden place, where the fish can go dissappear, and re-appear another day. But this time, there is a sewer system, but it is a vertical unit and not the horizontal type. So wonder where it goes......

By the way, in case you do not know, I design and construct my own fish tank filtration system. One of a kind.

How many people have been using the OCBC ATM outside HEEREN on yesterday 27th November 2007 before noon?
Something is very wrong with the ATM, and thank GOD I did not use it. That ATM seems to be hungry, and eat cards when I noticed it in the morning. One malay guy was very angry, he shouts on the phone. When I approached him, he is very furious about the way the customer service asking a lot of questions. When confront the customer officer, he comments he have to do verification to ensure the person he talks to, is really the client. OK~ other than IC, address and phone number, what does age, monthly income, where is the first place to apply for the account got to do with verification? Who have the time to go and remember the date and location of applying for the account? I personally think phone number is enough, because it can be trace anywhere else, unless it is not registered. I really have to take my hat off to this guy. But Thank GOD, I withdraw my money in another place. Otherwise, I have to start another round of going to the bank. I hate going to bank.


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