Monday, November 19, 2007

I am getting Old~

I am getting old, and hmm.... hopefully not useless.
This is exactly true, cos today, I went for a game of blowling. hmm... It have been 4 year since 2003, that I went to play bowling.

During those days, I can reach 160 to 180 easily. but today, I can barely reach 100, and the highest is only 145. This is more than half of the full score for bowling.

Orchid Bowl, is the only bowling lane where I believe it is a dry lane. Well, whether is there another dry lane, I do not know. But dry lanes are good, cos it leaves less oil on the bowling balls. Of course, it do affect a bit of performance on the hook ball, I guess.

Why am I bent on practicing this game, is because there is a person who keeps on jabbing about his bowling skills, and challenge everyone for a game. hmm.... I just want to tease him a bit, if I win him. But today's mock bowling (alone) proves that I am not capable to fight him down. I wonder how to beat him in next week's showdown.

Furthermore, the event is held on a wet lane. Hopefully it have some advantages on my side.


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