Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Emailing power

Chicken, all line up for a grill
One of the most successful and convenient information technology, is the emailing system. Email in today’s world, have become so popular, that not many company can survive without it. This is also the same as mine.

Emails can be a very great help, such that drawing, documents and pictures can reach around the world by a click of a button. It is so convenient and it takes seconds for message and evidence to reach the next party rather than slow mails.

Salmon headHowever, if email is used in the wrong event, it can be a lethal weapon. Virus and worms can migrate and spread through emails, and if there is no protection, the pc and all information are a gonna.

I remember of how my love relationship turns totally sour, because my emails are accessed without my attention. It leads to many misunderstanding, and finally, all hell broke loose, and communication shutdown occurred. It is such a tragic event, that I started to look at emails so seriously, that I log out every time I leave my desk. Even when it comes to commercial mailing, passwords are changed every months, so that it is kept strictly. When it comes to company emailing, careful thoughts are put in, to make sure the email do not go to the wrong place.

Emailing can be fun, but when I received chain emails, it can starts the beginning of a nightmare, because I do not know whether to do what it says, or just ignore it.

Of course, if it is a blessing, we should share around. I have two friends who sends me blessing everyday. And I am really grateful for them, because it never fails to remind me how loving and peace GOD is. Thanks to Amory and Joshua. It is a piy that you both are overseas, otherwise, I really hope we can have a cuppa and get to know each other. As far as I know, Amory is an 55 years old man(as of 2007), who is retired. I look so forward to meet you, because some of your emails really made me think in the positive way, and avoids many mistakes in my life. I could only wish so much to go to your country and meet you, just like a dream of mine.

Salmon HeadIn office politics, emails are a weapon of mass destruction. In many companies, people tries to curry favor, by using the Back carbon copy (BCC) to direct mail to higher authority, such as the big boss. And most of the time, the boss will keep quiet, and show the hardcopy when things went terrible wrong. Most of the time, when a person email without giving a second thought, thy leads to misunderstanding, and some scrap goat have to be found to take the firing. This is extremely totally abuse of the emailing system.


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