Sunday, December 09, 2007


Hand phones have revolutionized so rapidly these days, with the development advancement of the semiconductor technology. It has dramatically reduced the size to the size of a credit card, yet it perform so much function than the early generation of the hand phone. Can you still remember the “da ge da” of the hand phone? It is so huge, and cost over a thousand dollars for it. And it is heavy, that not many people holds it.

New Blue print
Ever since the day when someone developed the entire new blueprint of the hand phone for semi conductor, things really changed a lot, and many companies view it as a opportunity, and design their own product and add more function to win the competitors.

Nokia 6138
I remember the very first hand phone I own is a Nokia 6138. It is a GSM1800 dependent hand phone, where it have quite a lower reception quality than GSM. Life is harsh that time, so it is one of the cheapest phone I can get. This hand phone is a bit bulky and I have to put in my bag, cos it is darn too big.

Nokia 8250
The second hand phone is also a Nokia 8250. It is a smaller version of the hand phone, and the only first hand phone with blue Liquid Crystal Display. It is more ring tone, and is a replacement after the 6138 become out of service.

Nokia Service Center
Nokia phone, to me, is interactive ease of use, and s quite user friendly. The battery also last quite some time. Service center, is also easily located, instead of having go to one specialized place to repair the hand phone in case there is a problem.

Nokia 8310
The third hand phone is a Nokia 8310. It is also the first hand phone with white Liquid Crystal Display. The phone is quite smaller and handy. The function is more but it is the shortest period this phone has been with me.

Nokia 6510
The fourth phone is also Nokia 6510. It is the first music phone that I have. I like the function that it incorporated the music player and hand phone together. The only problem is that the memory is quite small amount. I bought this with my mum, who uses another same model, and then we can share the charger together, instead of having our own charger.

Nokia 6233
The fifth, and the current hand phone, is the Nokia 6233. It is the so reputed one of the best speaker phone. The two speakers are totally awesome. And after a bit of tuning up the power by ah beng hand phone shop. The music power is totally awesome. I really love this phone and I am also amazed myself for looking for this hand phone. My mum, seeing I have this phone, also upgrade to Nokia N73. It is the phone with also two speakers, and this time, her camera has flash light. Incorporate with a Bluetooth headset, I can listen to the music while on the go, and to pick up call whenever I want. The sad part is that the Bluetooth sometime self activate the voice command, and dial out. So sad for this flaw. My mum also like her hand phone, but she diesn’t uses the Bluetooth function often except transferring music files with friends.

So this is the experience that I have with my hand phone. I hope we can listen to radio Bluetooth in future as well, and even watch TV, clear reception TV.


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