Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Internet PC stalled.

One of the most fearful nightmares faced by computer user, such as me: Computer cannot start up.

Yesterday, as I turn on the Internet PC, I got a new shock. The PC cannot start up. It is like an engine that cannot bring to life. Arr…gh. Now my internet usage is greatly reduced. And to add to my woes, a lot of downloaded files have not yet transferred to Master PC for storage.

This internet pc is just only 6 months old, and already it is stuch. Gotta take a day out to check the pc liao. Most probably it could be the hardware problem, from the way I sees it. Cos it cannot even pass the CMOS checksum. Hmm….. it would be more terrible if it is the BIOS fault, cos it requires very close check on the printed circuit board, to find the fault.

Anyway, I remember this pc is only a $200 second hand pc, and it is used solely for internet and nothing else. So if there is a problem, everything can just be flush out, and restore back with the use of Norton Ghost program.

Cold Weather
It is a cooling day these days. Could be because the cold weather have arrived, as the earth have moved further away from the sun. If you have not known, the earth is actually rotating the sun, off centered. So in the certain month, the weather will be very hot, because the earth is moving closer to the sun. and when the earth is further from the sun, we will have winter. Just imagine, how cold will the weather be, if it is in Pluto? And how hot will it be for venus.

30 minutes
Yesterday, I uses only 30 minutes, to redesign and construct a scrap material to bring it back to life. Yeah. I was very dishearten last week, because I really failed in my judgment, and cannot make a thing work. So yesterday, I take sometime out to check on my workmanship again. Hmm… I think I still can be an engineer, cos a simple looking raw mild steel material, I can redesign and construct it to a new form that is very useful in office. If only I can have the technique of electrolysis, maybe I can stop the thing from rusting also. But it is too sad there is no such equipment.

No mood for blogging
Hmm… not much of the mood for blogging these days. Maybe it is because with the study involved nowadays, I got no mood for blogging, as my life have became more busy with study, work and other things.


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