Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sick, on a SUNDAY~!!

Aggregate Planning
Just when I thought Inventory Management is giving me hell, look no further, the next topic Aggregate Planning is much more complicated and difficult than Inventory Management.

OH GOSH~! I don’t understand the concept of it, and I am still 3 topic away, who will help me~? Aggregate planning is more into resource planning, and allows managers to decide which strategy should he choose when it come to production. They are split into 4 different ways such as “Constant demand”, “chase demand”, “hiring and firing”, “sub contract”.

In Operation Management, one of these ways, will be the more economical way of doing the production. It can save company in terms of millions of dollars if it is studied closely.

I am very weird of the answers in the last few questions of the Inventory Management. Oh duh, have to look it up myself.

Sick on A Sunday
This is what I hate the most, but not to the extreme. Woke up with cough and fever. It must be the bed sheet or something that made me sick. Anyway, as a cold blooded animal, I am always immune to cold temperature one. But this morning, I woke up with a fever, must by the fact that the aircon in the office is not cold enough. Maybe tomorrow I will lower down the temperature further.

Fish tank corrupted.

What is every aquarium owner’s nightmare? It is the fact that the water chemistry have gone wrong, and bacteria multiply so fast, it became foul smell. Aiyoh, I have to take time out to wash the whole tank now. Actually, din know what causes it, but I have not feed the fish since last Monday. This is because I have ran out of fish food, and those fish will only eat krill, and nothing else. Krill are hard to find in fish shop, and they are mostly expensive type. The shop I usually buy from, is closed, and have no time to go to other place to buy. One of the well known place that sells dried krill will be in Qian Hu, in Choa Chu kang. And when will I have the time to buy it? After giving much consideration I am thinking of shutting down this fish aquarium once and for all, so that I have more time into my study and other things.

Rearing fish can be enjoyable, but must be giving them care, and watch them everyday. As the fish tank is in the study room, I seldom have the chance to take care of it. Even when there is no food for them, they somehow managed to survive until now. Hmm…. But then, something must have gone wrong, otherwise, the water chemistry doesn’t change one.

Part Time course

Lately, I realizes that part time courses is more than just taking time out to study. It requires a lot of thinking, and I just found out that a friend of mine is interested in learning this Japanese language. And walking further down, I found 2 more, who can actually speaks a little bit around the workplace. Looks like not only I have to brush up my Japanese, I also have to study for my part time courses.

Study Room revamp

After the fish tank is gone, maybe I would consider revamping my study room again, to make it more conducive for study. This is because the noise is really unbearable, with some people getting married on weekends, and in weekdays, the noise of the tv came into the room. Gotta soundproof the door further, and the windows. Getting fiberglass for me is easy……but transporting would be a problem. Anyway, with much thinking, all problem will be solved. But firt, I think I gotta get back to this topic called aggregate planning.


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