Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mirana, Raffles Place

Lamb Shank. The most heaty food for Stephen
Mirana Cake Shop

Yesterday was quite a busy day, and I have something to talk about, but didn’t have much time to do it.

In the Monday(yesterday), I was in Raffles place, to get this cake for a friend. It is quite a memorable, because as I step out of the train, I feel I was zapped to the scene 4 years ago.

4 years ago, I was working in China Square Central, and it is in raffles place I drop off everyday. And it is the same time, around 0700. I remember I was in Golden Shoe complex, eating my breakfast. It is the ba cho mee, and a cup of coffee. The coffee stall, sells the best coffee, and it have this distinct taste that I shall not get anywhere else, because it have this coffee plus a bit of a special taste. A cup, can jump start my engine so well, It can practically last me the whole day. And after the breakfast, I would go to the boat quay, and sits by the stone edges, and read up books, be it engineering, or the daily reflection books. At around few meters away, there will be another person, who is doing the same thing, cos by 0730, he will pop out of nowhere, and sits and read, until 0830, and got off. As for me, I would read till 0845, before I proceed to the office.

When I was there yesterday, the guy was nowhere around…maybe he changed job just like me. I can feel the presence and atmosphere that is still the same 4 years ago. The supreme court was still until construction then, but now it is completed.

It is also there, I met a friend who is from City Harvest. Jean. She is working as an insurance something there, and I got her out for lunch whenever possible. She comments she is alone working in China Square, and so we meet up for lunch at Hong Lim Complex. Another will be Jacqui, also from City Harvest. She works in Chinatown Point, but we never get to meet up for any lunch or breakfast, although we always say we will.

It is also, in China Square, I suffered badly on Engineering defeat. The first major defeat, that cost me my job over there. I shall never forget the incident, and treat it as a challenge to overcome any other engineering jobs. After some months, I managed to get up again, and try another thing.

The golden shoe complex was changed…… the coffee stall is no longer there. I remember before then, the owner told me he no longer work. And it is true. It was no longer there. I will never be able to get the same taste, because it has this distinct taste. I also remember he nearly ran me down along this traffic light junction at the Great Eastern Building. And the next day, he apologized sincerely, but that incident doesn’t stop me from stopping by his stall for a cup of coffee……I never get to know his recipes……

S I step on the train back to my workplace, I could feel that no matter how or what I do, I will never get back to those days. The company have shifted, the coffee and noodle stall is gone, the day of working in China Square is no longer available, the strict boss who may be a bit “Niao”, but inspiring, cannot be contacted. Nothing could bring me back to those days, but it can be kept in only my memory.

Perhaps one day, I will be back working in Raffles Place again…..


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