Thursday, December 20, 2007

When a meeting turns into a culture clash today, try to faciliate communication

Bowling at Marina, Round 1
I am not a sporty guy. I do not like soccer, basketball or any other sports, except two things: Cycling and Bowling.

Bowling have always been my passionate sport since secondary school days. When my reserve is enough, I would go for bowling whenever possible. When I moves to the far north or Singapore, I usually take bus to the woodlands checkpoint, and play bowling. Sometime, I would go with my cousin to the bowling center in Jurong East Entertainment, and I always ended up playing myself.

Many people discard bowling as a way of throwing money down the drain. But to me, this is not the way of putting it. Although it is just a 3 or 5 step of walking, but it really stress upon the way of focusing, and coordinating the whole body to deliver a good throw, and knock down all the pins

After the O level, I bought a bowling ball, because the house balls either they do not have the weight I want, or the finger is small. Therefore, a personalized ball, is good for me, because I can throw better result with it.

Bowling at Marina Round 2During the ITE term, I go to bowl with 5 people, and after graduation, and everyone are busy with their own stuff, I slowly moved away from bowling. At that point, I was actually thinking of selling, or giving away my bowling ball away. But in the end, I keep it, because it is not worth it.

Recently, I met 2 friends, and they like to play bowling as well. I went to pick up this skill again, and imagine the shock, when I get only 29 after the first game, and with that, I have not played for years. I feel very dishearten, because I used to be able to get 160++ with ease. But I could only get 29, which is the highest for that day.

Secretly, I took a day off, and went to Orchid Country club for bowling. I played the whole afternoon, trying to pick up the skill again. And it is only in the afternoon, when the bowling rates are cheapest.

Bowling at Safra, Round 3On the second showdown, I have a bit of improvement, and managed to raise the score again.

On the last game, I was at a disadvantage, because the lane is a wet lane, and it really is very wet. Although it is a wet lane, I still managed to get pass 100. This is a bit of encouragement for me, Hopefully, next round, I can beat one top scorer of the game. But it really takes some times before I can bet him.


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