Monday, December 24, 2007

Moon River by Andy Williams

Dog LoveMoon River
Yesterday, I transferred a batch of music files from the master PC to the internet PC. One of the songs, “Moon River” by “Andy Williams” really touched my heart.

The song moon river is played as a theme song for a very old movie called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” It is a movie by the then famous actress, Audrey Hepburn. Not many may know Audrey, because Marilyn Moore took over her place most of the time. But Audrey really has the lovable look that everyone likes. She have acted in many movie, and I have written about her show before, called “A Nun’s Life”

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn picture can be found in classics movie store, such as HMV. It is on the third floor, if I have not forgotten, in the main branch in Orchard. Though she is no longer in the world, but her acting and drama, really make a person really feel the emotion at that time.

Breakfast at Tiffany'sBreakfast at Tiffany
Breakfast at Tiffany……I have not seen this show for quite some time. It is a show about this guy who falls for Audrey, and she is someone who is untidy, and act quite high class one. Her life is actually in jeopardy, but she always remains calm, and befriends this guy, who is quite handsome. When Audrey suddenly disappeared one day, the guy went search high and low for her, and when he found her, she was into furthering her study. When the guy confess his love to Audrey, she turns to deaf ears, and then, the guy scolded her, and make everything straight, that Audrey left for good. As for the ending, I have forgotten about it.

I may have to refer back to the libraries for the show for some detail. But this show… is actually favored by someone else. It is only when I watched “breakfast at tiffany’s”, I started to know there is such a person, and continue to get more of her movie, like “Holiday in Rome”, “A Nun’s life” and other show. There is only one show of hers that I avoid. It is talking about some musical one. I can’t really recall the name of the show. But “A Nun’s life” is still the most touching movie that I ever say, because it speaks about how dreams are shattered again and again, till there is no going back…

Merry Christmas1 Down, 2 to go
I just finished one more topic, which is Resource Planning. Oh gosh, Got 3 major sub topic, and it really gonna blow my mind. It is a continuation of Aggregate Planning, and it has headings, like Material Requirement Planning, Capacity Requirement Planning, and Enterprise Resource Planning. All three of them are just a tracking procedure to see where the resources are going to, and to account for everything even small as a pen. Finally, I got a chance to wash the condenser today, cos it rains, and I quickly spray the chemical on it, and wash it. Thanx for the rain, cos it can just in time when I was home.

No SPA this week.
This is actually a sad thing, I can’t go to SPA this week, cos body temperature is quite high these days, and going to SPA may have some effect. I have not gone for a long time, and body is really aching all over. If it is not because of the part time course, maybe I could SPA till my heart contents. My dream is to go to Hokkaido to try the Onsen. Seeing those people using the Onsen is like very “Xin Fu” one. If only one day I can go there, how good it will be. But for the mean time, maybe I continue to look forward for the SPA instead.

Taking SPA, to many, may be as good as having it at home. But to me, taking SPA will expand the blood vessel, and the bubbles acts as a massaging agent. With the water jet, it will relieve some aching point and makes me feel better, and refreshed. But one point to note there is a time limit to be in the SPA, because prolong period in SPA, is not good for the internal organs. This is because during the time in the SPA, the blood are all gathering towards the skin, and the blood supplying to internal organs such as the intestine, bone, may not get enough oxygen. Having SPA may be relaxing, and I usually do it once a week last time, but with this time constraint tightening up, I gotta cut down the trip.


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