Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hum Bug Christmas this year? =(

Just wait till my cough is gone, you are all mine~!

Just when I thought this cough couldn’t get any worse, Yesterday night sleeping was a terrible night. Every hour have to wake up and cough, and it is really very tiring. Luckily, around 5, which I think, it stopped. If it is not because of my tiring eye, I would have go and do my study, and cough till the throat tired itself out. And starting this morning, maybe the throat is trying to clear itself up now, cos starts to cough out the “rubbish” hohoho

When I was in a kopi diam in yishun for dinner yesterday. Oh duh, the chickens are really REALLY tempting. How I wish I could buy them all and gobble all them up. Duh. I think this year’s Christmas is not gonna be any fun at all. With the deprivation of the satisifaction of eating chicken and eggs, and oily food, there is practically no fun at all. Moreover……there is another reason why I will not enjoy, because of the fact that I would be celebrating it alone……and if there is a possibility, will be sharing with people in the church. Then, I have to stay at home, and do my study, because the date due for submission is coming soon. Practically no joy, feeling no joy of Christmas this year. I pray that everyone around me, will be blessed, and especially to my friends, a great dose of knowledge, as I move on to the next path of my career ladder.

Today, as I was in NTUC buying things for tonight’s dinner, I came across the chicken counter. . . . So many chicken…… too bad I did not have my phone around, otherwise, I would have take a photo of it down. WHY~, at this time of the year, I have to get this for a long time. It must be a punishment for something that I did…

Orchard Road ActivityCannot go out and join the crowd, and cannot eat what I want. But no matter what, I must look at it in another way, that . . . I can get to be forced to be kept in my room, studying for my subject, instead of going out. Yeah, this is one way of looking it. And a chance to eat healthy. Thank GOD for that. I hope I will not cough out blood. I remember when I was 17, I actually cough until blood came out, and the chest is really painful. After that, it is hospitalization for few weeks, and then, rest for many months. That experience is really very bad. In the working world now, getting a long long leave is really dangerous, because I will lose touch with a lot of things, and the fact that I have to do my part time study as well. Otherwise, I have to apply for a deferment till next semester. So sianz.

It is only today, I got to stay at home, and not in an aircon room. OH gosh, the heat is really very very strong. So hot, until it is 34 degree in my room~! How come so hot ar? I thought it is the wet season. I was hoping for a rain when I was at home, so that I can wash my aircon condenser with the chemical. I have ben holding this chemical that is used to wash the aircon condenser, so that the fins will be clean, and saves more electric when running. Currently, it is blacken very bad, so only by chemical, can it get rid of the dust. Wonder when will the rain starts, so I can get a chance of using it……


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