Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ORCarrier in blogspot: Stephen, I think we got a problem

What a drag-ful day today….I was actually intend to sleep till my heart content, when this blistering barnacle cough wake me up yet again. When is it going to stop?

No Chicken again
Anyway, I have a bad Christmas this year. No fireworks to see, no place to go to, because everywhere is so crowded, no Christmas food to eat, and worst of the worst situation, no Chicken……This is really a disaster.

Ham Unlimited
As I go out and buy a bottle of honey, my leg brought me to the Cold storage, and it is the meat department. Oh duh. I know what my eye wants to see……HAM. Lots of gorgeous ham, bone in ham, honey glazed ham, black pepper ham, all the ham that I could think of…can see cannot eat.

Honey……reminds me of Winnie the Pooh bear. It is a short encounter short, when I was small, because at that time of age, the time schedule between Winnie the pooh and another cartoon that I like, is quite close together, so sometime, when I switches on the Tv too early, I would take a look as well. I like the way Winnie behave, always says oh dear, on my, or oh no no no. So cute.

Unsolved mystery
In the morning, I was doing a little modification to one of my site, Friendster, and I realizes that there is a problem, that I really don’t know how to solve. The friendster is actually taking one file from one of the site, and when I changed the song, I realizes that the song that I took belongs to another website. Still, even without the file in the internet, the site that is not suppose to play music, still plays it. Sounds kinda weird. But well, if it still plays, maybe I would just leave it alone, and check into it, when it breaks down.

It is Christmas…..not a single mood this year.


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