Friday, December 28, 2007

Added new style

Two new style of the blog have been added recently.

ORCarrier LOGO
One of them is the ORCarrier Logo, sent in from one of my website some days back. The other is installation of a new counter today. This could help me to monitor the number of people who came into the site. hee hee. Anyway, I am always curious of how many people enteres my site de.

As for the LOGO, it really reminds me of my pride program in the past. I actually gave a name to my program called "Cytronic" It is a very cute but powerful program, that is installed in the cyberspace. This program created the logo for me, and I put it up in my homepage. but now, the program is broken up, and gone already, but the homepage remains, because the scripts written are not affected.

Cytronic is a html program, which is a combination of many scripts, instructions and dynamic link library. It is written after I go through many of the Information Technology books from the National Library. I remember last time I really spend a lot of time in researching, writing, modifying and implement it into the web. eventually, it gets so huge, that it have to spread out into 3 free web site provider to contain it.

The purpose of cytronic is to go to other web site, and captures their unique source code, and return back through emails. and sometime, it will appends to the webpage slowly, and monitors the link, and notify if there is a broken link. Sometime, when I correct it, it can prompt me if the link is not found.

Some times later, two of the site ceased operation, and I did not have any backup of the program, and cannot get back the program even through the file transfer protocol. So in the end, the one remaining is some of the dynamic link library, which is not a single useful unless it combines with the html files. All this is because I did not do any backup from the three sites. I thought since I always modify it, so might as well leave it there. Who knows the webpage provider just shut itself down.

Since that incident, I am busy with my study, and do not do anything much to my web site. I just leave it. At that time, I even wanted to incoporate a blog into the web, but the counter is too low, probably because the address is very difficult to type. Thank GOD there is a blogspot, which actually looks more presentable. haih.

Source Code
Source code are really important in any html. this is because source code are like a blue print. When taken by some people, they can actually duplicate the web page in other site. hee hee. I just take a portion of it.

I once though of creating a flash web site. it looks really cool. hmm.... but so many things to be done, so little time. . . .


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