Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stephen's Bicycle

My suspension
Today is one of the worst day of working……This damn cough is going on nonstop. And well, it really affect my interaction, cos I cough like I got TB like that, and talking to people is extremely hard. How to work in this kind body? Haih.

When I was on the way home, I found out that my bicycle’s suspension cannot recover back to full spring. Instead, it is stuck at 50% sometime. I think it is time the spring is about to give way liao leh.

I can remember this bicycle is used quite long already. It have brought me to many places, around woodlands, sembawang, and yishun. The furtherest it goes to is perhaps to Ang Mo Kio with it. It would be quite painful if I were to change to a new bicycle.

I remember that I got this bicycle after a trade in of one Tahara and a Urata bicycle. It can be considered cheap, and it can really last, cos I can manipulate the gears quite well. I think I may be better than all bicycle, cos my bicycle is a 52 major gear teeth. All standard bicycle comes with 48 major gear teeth. With extra 4 teeth, and the way to manipulate the minor gears, this bicycle can speed up in a short time, and also run faster than all other bicycle. I hope I can get a smaller minor gear, or bigger major gear, so can be the king of the road. But it is just too expensive to upgrade further.

Right now, seems the suspension starts giving problem. I am thinking when will the bearing starts giving problem. It I the only time to change, cos changing the bearing require changing the whole rim, and it cost $100++. The last time the Tahara bicycle was changed, some stuff have to transferred to this new bicycle. Even the bicycle shop owner says a lugi business. Hmm…. Wonder why he says that.

Today, I went to building B to take a look at the place, cos I will be in charge of building A and B next year. As I went to the rooftop and look at the place, OMG~! it is really partially rotten, and a lot of rubbish are lying around. UNBELIEVABLE~! is someone leaving these mess for me to clear it up?

I am a person who gets "red eye" easily. The moment I sees something wrong, I would want to clear them up, and even paint it up if I have to. The doors are really......quite rotten. Dunno who can handle ar. The only big case is when I cut off a big fence that seperates two store, so that I can get a bigger store. It is really a fast job, that when the manager changes his mind, he is already too late. In the end, I have to strip down the entire wiring of the two store and redo again, install more fans and lightings with some help. Then lastly tidy up the whole shelving. All these, are done, so that the things can get organized, and a friendly environment to work in. Sadly, just barely a month after it was completed, I was told I would be transferred to another department. This is like making life better for another much for my hard work of sowing.

Haih, just when I thought this cough couldn't get any worse, Since 1800, I found out, that I couldn't speak anymore~!

I was trying t speak to myself at around 1800, and found out my voice seized, and I could not say a word anymore except coughing. aiyoh, what my friend said is really true liao, in the worse state, can't talk anymore. Anyway, after seeing doctor, hopefully it will cme back. Haih, imagine the shock of my mum when she learns about it. It is really fortunate there is such thing as a sms these day now. Can still comminucate through SMS.


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