Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Long Queue to pay

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Long Queue
One thing I hate in life, is to join in a long queue. It really, to me, is a totally waste of time, I should plan my timing well, so that I can go and get a queue, duing off peak period, or to choose the time where no one uses.

And that will be the advantage of waking up in the morning, cos the ATM and the cash deposit is totally no queue. I usually withdraw money with ease, cos the ATM at the Mass Rapid Transit station is free, and not a totally single person on sight.

As I hate queue, I put my EZlink card into the giro form, so I never would have to visit the ticketing center. And to add an advantage, the limit of the Giro top up is usually set to the maximum.
Adding Giro to some may be the sense that the bank may charge them double. But to me, I belive in the bank itself, cos they have everything stated in the black and white. And if there is really a fault in it, I can really understand three people in a particular Bank know what I will do when that happens. Hmm… it is a nasty experience to them, but I did get the error fixed, so there is not an issue anymore. I was wondering did they put my name in the remark of my account. Hmm…

As for paying bills, hmm…. It is a totally convenient way of doing it. Most people, they would take the bill and pay at the service provider, or ant post office. But I found the most easiest way of paying bill. Be it Singtel bill, Power bill, any government bill. Once in a while, when any provider send a bill asking me to pay the amount, I would go to the AXS station, and type $1000.00, and pay for it. And for the next few months, I do not have to go to the bill payment center, and the service provider will put the 1000.00 into the credit account, and deduct from there. So if the bill ask me to pay $20.00, And I put in $1000.00, the next month, it would send a bill payment of -$980.00. And at the bottom of the statement, it would print out a sentence, “no bill payment is needed”. These bills are an inevitable things, cos we have to use it. So might as well, pay it for life, and even when the month where financial crisis arrived, there is not a single worry about bill payment, because most of them are in the credit account, and can wait till the crisis goes through, and be afford to pay for the next lump sum back.Thus, there will never be any red letter for bill payment. Savvy?

I do not know how many people would understand the way things work, but to me, I think it is a good experience of paying bill now by this way, cos I actually do not need to join any long queue. At that time, it was $100.00 gamble on this system, but it really passed, so I put in ten times the amount, and let it slowly deduct it.

I only remember the longest time of a queue, is a 14 hours queue at the Creative Haedquarter. At that time, I am number 7 of the queue, for a nomad Mp3 player at a special prize. It is reallty a torment. At that time, my dad was still alive, and he bought breakfast for me. but now......


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