Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Toast to 2008~! (Number 150)

Last Sunrise for the Year 2007NEW YEAR DAY.
To some, this may sounds quite fun, cos it is a brand new start of the day. To some, it is the day, where they will plan out what are the things to do for the coming year.
To Me, it may not be good de……As a new year approaches, there will be a lot of changes in my life.

A new year, marks the closure of a restaurant…..I have a lot of friends in this restaurant, and when news broke out, I do not know what to expect. It could mean a lost of revenue, and it could also mean less contract work, and it also means, I would lose the network that I have established so well with the people there. These are my friends. And when the restaurant closes, though we have exchanged HP, we may not be as close as we are now……

Sad Sad
When I was on the way home, I really feels extremely devastated, because it is like part of my circle of friends, is gone. But I am still relieve that they are not laid off completely. The restaurant is willing to help them to find other job in other places, so that they can continue on. It have been a long time since my tear drop off, lucily, I pretend to be asleep on the train, otherwise, it sure is malu.

Last photo taken in restaurant with Lee Choo, a staff in the restaurant in the year 2007Memorial
Just in case I forget their name, maybe I should put them on my blog: Boon, Mu Xiang, David, Karim, Lee Choo, Dan, Maise, Steven, Robert, Li Dan, Alice 1, Alice 2, Alice 3, Jeffery, Kenny, Andy, Olivia, Natie, Yuki, Anish, Jack, Zhi wei, Alvin, Aloysius, Frankie, Kelly, Heinz, Kum Seng, Seon, Kok Yong and many other part timers.

I think working can sometime be a happy time, if there are friends around the place. So at least when there is problem, there will not be too much friction.

My best friend from BOHWorking Style on NYE
Yesterday is can be said, a relaxing day, cos everyone is in the happy mood. As for me, I am feeling sad because of the closure, and also I will be moving to the next stage in handling 2 buildings. And one of them is really difficult to handle. MY workforce, also increased from 3 to 11. So handling workforce may still be an obstacle for me. This is because I am a very short tempered and impatient person. Sometime, when things are not moving my way, all the crazy words would pop out, fires will be exchange. But I have been controlling it. Hope that this new year, I could change for the better.

Sometime, I think that I myself, is a person who really treasures friendship, sometime, otherwise, I think I would not have this kinda reaction over the losses. Maybe it is because of the fact that I missed working with them. But with the new progress, I hope I can expand my network further out, and reach out for more people.

Number 150
1st Jan 2008, also marks a spot on my blog as well. It is the number 150th entry in the blog. Should ask for a celebration, too, cos it is hard to get to this number. there are people who can even reach over 400 blogs. Quuite amazing. Next stop, the 200th Blog.

So here’s a toast to the brand NEW YEAR 2008~!


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